XP Dial-up Problems

  Boffin Boy 12:25 28 May 2005

Whenever I connect to the internet I normally expect the username and password boxes to be filled in for me (as I have requested by selecting the 'save username and password for all users' option) however about a week ago the username and password boxes were empty, I at first thought nothing of this and entered the details and selected the 'save username and password for all users' option again, but now it never remembers the username or password for any users of the computer.
I don't know if this is of any use but it did kick off after installing the new BT thing to stop bad dial outs, although uninstalling this made no difference.

I am running Windows XP Pro WITH sp2.
I have a broadband connection which dials via a Windows dial-up connection.


  mikeb111 12:57 28 May 2005

Try using system restore to before the bt instal.

  Boffin Boy 12:59 28 May 2005

Thanks, will try that now.

  Boffin Boy 13:25 28 May 2005

Just tried that, System restore wouldn't restore to any points in or around the date of install. However when restarting this time it had remembered my username and password. Wierd, but I don't know how long it will last... I am going to restart again and see if it has still remembered my u/name and pass. Thanks for the help though.

  Boffin Boy 13:32 28 May 2005

Somethings jogged it's memory, I don't have clue what though. I won't close this thread just incase it starts again, but for now it's working fine again!

Thank You!!!

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