XP and Defragging C

  peter99co 18:09 17 Jul 2008

How often is a defragmentation needed? In XP you can analyse the drive and be told that a defrag is not reqd. Do you always believe this information? I have noticed that the drive can look fairly fragmented and been told that it is not required. There looks to be a lot of white spaces between the blue files.

I think it is a good idea to go against this advice at times. What do you think.

  Diemmess 18:20 17 Jul 2008

I feel too much magic is ascribed to Defragmentation as a regular routine.

If there has been some cataclysmic mess with a large application in ruins, then after rebuilding the damaged stuff it is a good idea to collect scattered bits.

I fairly regularly use CCleaner which does help some web items to display more quickly and reliably.
Defrag is for those times when I am bored and can't leave well alone!

  peter99co 18:59 17 Jul 2008

It is supposed to reduce the amount of head movement on the drive and is therefore expected to reduce seek times etc.

I suppose if a file is in bits it does mean the index is more complicated to keep and more breaks mean more index links, if that is how it all works.

  bluto1 19:47 17 Jul 2008

The frequency of defragging depends to a great deal on how often you install / uninstall programmes etc. If a lot then I'd recommend once a month, and if not then once every 2/3 months.
As Diemmess says using cCleaner to clear out rubbish helps speed up display. I use cCleaner twice a month and Defrag every 2 months.

  Technotiger 19:50 17 Jul 2008

Or - you could use Diskeeper click here and never have to defrag again. I use Diskeeper.

  ronalddonald 20:15 17 Jul 2008

thinks its more to do with how much disc space you have. Older computers that comes with 80gb or less seem to have more problems with speed.
Also they need more defrags.

I use to have laptop with 80b one with 40gb but they would constantluy needed defraging.

When i brought a new laptop with sata drie 160gb hey it didnt need defraging its a dual core.

Doesnt matter how moany downlaods ive made it still has not asked for a defrag.

  peter99co 22:41 17 Jul 2008

I have installed Ccleaner and have recommended it to others with some very good results.
My last defrag left only 3% not cleared. (Windows Autoroute.)

  maghemite 11:02 18 Jul 2008

I have an automatic defragmenter running on my system, and I never need to guess when to defrag or waste time running defrag on a schedule. The auto defragger works in the background and automatically analyzes and defrags the drive according dynamically utilizing idle resources. There is no performance hit during defrag at all, and the drives are 'self-maintaining'. I like this arrangement :D

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