xp crashes when switching user

  grabster 06:53 19 Aug 2005

Hi, ive just got my system up and running again after a reinstall of xp,now i find that sometimes when switching users, the monitor goes off and i have too reboot the pc.
I have checked all the obvious settings but i cant find anything amiss.


  grabster 19:58 19 Aug 2005

bump. .

  €dstowe 22:40 19 Aug 2005

No help to you whatever but I had a similar problem with my home machine.

Couldn't figure out how to cure it (tried "everything"). In the end I was so irritated by it, I installed another machine - an old one I should add - and they now run together with a third in a wireless setup.

  PC Bilbo 23:05 19 Aug 2005

Try this link to M.S. Knowledge base.

click here

May be of some use?

  Completealias 01:22 20 Aug 2005

Check the driver being used for your monitor, if its just the plug n play version try updating it to the monitors specific driver.

I had a similar problem and after doing this it seemed to help.

  grabster 06:27 20 Aug 2005

My ADVENT MA-782K doesnt have any specific drivers available as its a cheapy plug n play type , and i can find nothing similar to my problem on the ms knowledge base.

  grabster 20:39 07 Sep 2005

While googling i came across a few problems the same as mine and the problem seemed to stem from zonealarm v6.
i reinstalled the suggested version,,
and hey presto, now i can switch users without problems.
Thanks for the input all.

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