xp crashes (not responding)

  PirÅTë 17:55 27 Jul 2003

hi all, sometimes lately when i am using an application in win xp pro (say, opera 7 for example) i get alot of 'not responding' messages and then i get asked if i want to send an error report to ms.

it doesnt happen all the time and with a variety of programs,

i have installed ram cleaner as i only have 384 mb of ram.

is it this that is causing it? i know i am vague but its not a problem on one particular thing

  [email protected] 19:41 27 Jul 2003

sounds more like no room left on your hard drive

  PirÅTë 20:45 27 Jul 2003

i have plenty of space as its only quarter full

  [email protected] 12:28 21 Oct 2003

what os are you using if XP try defrag 4/5 times could be too much distance between progs.
XP protects itself
I had this problem but after defragging 6 times I have again a slick PC which shows no sign of crashing

  [email protected] 12:31 21 Oct 2003

you may also need to buy more ram easy enough to add or change a bigger/faster ram allows you to flit between progs easily

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