XP configuration manager/win updates

  kelemvor 14:23 06 Mar 2010


I have a PC which is running xp, there is nothing special about this PC compared to other PC's on site (e.g. Dell optiplex 740).
I have been getting a windows update/config' managment pop up telling me that the deadline for 5 x windows security updates has passed and that I should install the updates.
When I try to install the updates they all download but fail to install, I have however managed to install them manually via the microsoft support website.
With updates installed I thought the problem would be solved but now I still have the config' management pop up appearing telling me the same as before - 'deadline passed etc'.
So my question is, is there anyway that I can trick the config' manager into realising that the updates have already been installed?


  Forum Editor 23:24 06 Mar 2010

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  Batch 17:15 07 Mar 2010

I've never heard of this before - makes me wonder if it is some sort of malware that has got onto your PC and nothing to do with Windows Update.

What EXACTLY does the pop-up message say?

  GaT7 17:27 07 Mar 2010

Never heard of this either - i.e. 'deadlines' for Windows updates to install.

What happens when you visit the Windows update site click here & run their Custom online scan? Are you offered these updates there?

Download & run the free Belarc Advisor click here. Are there any hotfixes that are showing as failed (marked with a red x) under 'Installed Microsoft Hotfixes' lower down? G

  kelemvor 17:31 07 Mar 2010


It is basically a windows process as far as I'm aware. There is a small icon for the 'configuration management - update' in the task bar (i.e. by the clock) which appears a few seconds after start up.

Double clicking on the icon opens the config management (cm) window I described before (perhaps calling it a pop up before was incorrect). This then prompts for me to download and install the updates - they are official windows updates as I have managed to install them manually, but it's like the system can't tell that the updates are installed.

I can start the download/install process but the updates fail on the install part. I have tried removing those updates via control panel and then installing them via the cm window but they still won't update.

I'm wondering if I'd just save myself some hassle by saving the user's profile elsewhere and then wiping the system and performing a full reinstall.....perhaps, but other suggestions would be welcome too.


  Sea Urchin 17:51 07 Mar 2010

FYI the Microsoft Security Configuration Manager

click here

  kelemvor 09:28 08 Mar 2010

Going to windows web page and running their custom scan doesn't suggest that there are any updates missing.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I'll look into them further.


  kelemvor 09:42 09 Mar 2010

Looks like this may been something to do with an internal update push. Either way, PC re-imaged problem solved

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