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  pete h 08:54 13 Apr 2004

hya ppl can anyone tell me why is it that when u have a windows xp code. ie. for when u reinstall ur windows. it only lasts for 20 sessions
i got that message even though i havent used it that often and it says mine is no good anymore and i will have to purchase a new one. surely if you buy the product u have it for life. secondly when i try to restore my system i get a message that i cannot restore to the date i want to and my system has not changed any settings.can anyone help me on either of those two probelms.


  VoG II 09:06 13 Apr 2004

Are you saying that you have reinstalled Windows 20 times?

  medicine hat 09:59 13 Apr 2004

Perhaps it would be useful to know which particular product you purchased, and for how much, that you only got a few uses from.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 10:46 13 Apr 2004

Dont think it ever runs out, it may not activate if you change a lot of components in your pc and may require a phone call to M$ but it should still activate.As for the restore there may not be a restore point set for the time you wont thats why it wont restore.


  Djohn 11:54 13 Apr 2004

pete h. As the three wise men above have asked ;o)

Will you please let us have the type of program you are referring to. Is it Windows XP operating system or windows Office program?

XP operating system will give you 30 days of use before you have to "Activate".

Office will let you use the application 20 times before you have to "Activate.

If you have not activated during this period of use or time then it should still "Activate" via the net but if not will do so over the phone to Microsoft UK. If you can supply further information on the product and problem then someone will advise you on the best course of action and provide Tel. numbers to contact if you require them. j.

  pete h 13:06 13 Apr 2004

thanks for the replies everyone. the product i am talking about is a new time computer whith windows xp installed and me being issued with a licence/registration code. i then purchases get a copy of the disc which allows me to use the code when i had to install windows on my second computer. at this moment in time i still have around 4 days to go for me to activate windows ont that computer but i am not allowed because i get the message that my licence/registration number is no longer valid due to the amount of times i have used it and no i havent had to reinstall 20 times. it did mention the fact that i had to either purchase a new code or phone microsoft uk. does anyone know the number i need to call and on my restore question, there were lots of dates to pick from to restore to but it wont do it and i get that message saying so. thanks again ppl


  medicine hat 13:33 13 Apr 2004

Surely I'm reading this wrong. You get a Windows back-up disk from Time and then install it on another, non-Time system? And it won't register despite typing in the code on the sticker on your Time system?

  Eric10 13:41 13 Apr 2004

That's basically how it reads to me also. You bought the Windows XP CD from Time in relation to the PC you bought from them. That means that the licence you have is for the Time PC which already has Windows XP on it. If you want to put Windows XP onto a second PC then you need to purchase another CD with its own licence as each licence is for one PC only.

  Djohn 14:17 13 Apr 2004

I agree that it sounds like your trying to Activate the same copy of XP on 2 different machines and this is not allowed. This will explain the message you see stating you have used it too many times. [It just means you are trying to activate the same copy on 2 different PC's]

The copy of XP installed on your PC you bought from time will, or should activate as normal. If you have also bought a separate copy of XP this will have a different "Product key" and should activate on the second machine.

A phone call to Microsoft customer services will soon sort it for you, they will explain what is required and advise you further if you have purchased a second copy of XP unnecessarily.

Tel: 0870 60 10 100 Product support.

Good luck, regards. j.

  pete h 14:23 13 Apr 2004

nooooooooooo lol it the cd was purchased from a computer shop at a reasonable price. i did use it on my other computer which is also a time machine but that doesnt matter. does anyone have the microsoft number i may need to phone.


  Djohn 14:57 13 Apr 2004

Look at my post above yours! I have put the number there for you but just in case here it is again.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0870 60 10 100 ;o)

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