XP with cashe problems?

  [email protected] 10:51 31 Jul 2004

I have XP and use my PC mainly for Flight simulator. Both function perfectly as they should - well almost! Recently I have strange behaviour when exiting the simulator. What used to happen was - umm - nothing; that is, simulator would close and in less than a second I was back at my desktop. What happens now is best described as taking Windows by surprise and it's running around collecting stuff to arrange correctly!! First the screen goes blank, then totally grey colour (the colour I have selected in desktop properties), then blank again, then grey again with icons which look like files, then my wallpaper picture appears and the icons "fill in" slowly to what they should be. If I hit Start, the top bit of the start menu has a small time lag before it too appears. None of this is serious but it never used to happen before. My feeling is, the PC is devoting everything to the simulator and is taking a while to get back to normal but why should it start doing this. There is no noticeable enhancement of simulator performance, just this ragged return to normal. Nothing has been changed, hard or software. Any comments would be welcome,

  spikeychris 11:01 31 Jul 2004

Agree. Do you have enough RAM? As you know these Sims are resource hungry and they do hog all the memory available. Check out the task manager whilst you are shutting down and close everything else off to see if that helps.

I dont use them so I dont know if this is the case but do you save the events it has created? If so it could be that the more you save the more time it takes?

  [email protected] 11:07 31 Jul 2004

Hi spikeychris. I have the same RAM as before when all was "normal". I agree the simulator is memory hungry but the 512DDR was/is sufficient although arguably I could do with more (some of my mates run 1 and 2g and I plan to do the same later). I have tried uninstalling then running the simulator "clean" (without any addons at all) and still this odd behaviour.

  [email protected] 11:14 31 Jul 2004

Something has just occurred to me. Is there somewhere within XP where you can tell it what you use your PC mainly for e.g. Gaming/Graphics/Sound or whatever? If so, maybe that has activated somehow. Its only an annoyance as it's a before OK/not the same now situation, but it's food for thought.

  spikeychris 11:23 31 Jul 2004

XP doesn't have that option, you can kill all the bells and whistles and this will allocate more resources else were. Things like Show shadows under menus
Show shadows under mouse pointer
Show translucent selection rectangle
Use drop shadows for icons labels on the desktop
Use visual styles on windows and buttons

click here for a big list.

  [email protected] 11:39 31 Jul 2004

OK pal, and thanks for that. I will leave the thread open for a while just to see if any other "pilots" have experienced the same situation and decide to comment.

  [email protected] 11:41 31 Jul 2004

Just been to the click here spikeychris and it would appear to be what I want. Thanks very much.

  [email protected] 18:04 31 Jul 2004

I have followed the big list at "OptimizeXP" and my PC is not short of double the speed! I recommend this link to anyone with XP...Thanks VM to spikeychris. One final question to anyone following this thread: I would like to know what the XP default settings are for Virtual Memory. These settings can be found here - start\settings\controlpanel\system\advanced\performance\advanced\virtualmemory\change. Don't change anything as I only want to know what the default settings are (or were in my case!!!). Thanks :-)

  spikeychris 18:41 31 Jul 2004

By default, Windows XP sets the initial size of the page file to 1.5 times the amount of RAM in your system, and it sets the maximum size of the page file to three times the amount of RAM. For example, on a system with 256 MB of RAM, the page file's initial size will be 384 MB and its maximum size will be 768 MB. The default values work well on most systems.

The less RAM you have, the more likely it is that Windows XP will use the page file.

  woodchip 18:47 31 Jul 2004

Scroll down this list for Cacheman click here

  woodchip 18:48 31 Jul 2004

PS in the menu set it for gaming

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