XP can't see any SATA SMART data - is this normal

  swayzak 10:35 19 Jul 2007

My new drives are just listed as RAID/SCSI devices (each is installed as RAID 1+0) - no manufacturer, temperature (via HDTach) etc.

Is there anyway I can access the data from Windows ?

MB = Asus P4PE



  crosstrainer 10:39 19 Jul 2007

Start>Settings>Control Panel>administrative tools, open this icon, and click on the "Storage" entry in the left hand pane.

your drives will appear in the right hand pane, you can view status and settings from there.

  crosstrainer 10:43 19 Jul 2007

S.M.A.R.T. messages appear in your BIOS screen at bootup.

  swayzak 10:51 19 Jul 2007


Is this a different way to access than Device Manager ?

Because all I see for the 2 drives is 2 identical entries: Promise RAID/SCSI device ... no size, manufacturer etc.

HDTach shows that the drives have loads of SMART data e.g. temp etc. but doesn't actually show the temp (as it did before when using PATA drives)

  crosstrainer 10:57 19 Jul 2007

Won't show the temp. If you are concerned about them running hot, you might need to download a third party soloution, some fans come with these utilities, but if your mobo has the sensors for temperature you might be able to find something like this click here useful.

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