XP can't find DVD drive

  radi8or 13:14 14 May 2009

Hi all,

I have reinstalled XPHome SP1 on my upgraded computer, I now have a problem as I can't get XP to recognize my DVD writer, it worked fine installing but as soon as Windows starts it's dead.

I'm guessing that my install doesn't have a driver for dvd writers, can I D/L a driver to a flash/floppy/cd on this comp for transfer to XP comp.

All info appreciated as always.

Regards Bob

  Graphicool1 13:35 14 May 2009

Download, install and run. It's all free and so are the drivers click here

  radi8or 13:45 14 May 2009


Thanks for quick response, I use that program on this computer, is good ,only problem is I have no internet, I need to run dvd for network card,router,mobo drivers just about everything that needs a driver is on cd or dvd.

Cheers Bob

  ened 14:29 14 May 2009

If you need drivers for a specific model go to the the manufacturer's web site and download the relevant driver and ,as you rightly surmise, put it on a floppy or flash drive or CD if you have one in your other machine.

Go into device manager, find the DVD drive and click on update driver.

In the box navigate to the media you have the driver on and (hopefully) away you go.

  Graphicool1 08:12 15 May 2009

I case ened's idea wasn't successfull. Do you have access to another PC? If so put the disk/s in that and save the neccessary drivers to a memory stick and add them that way.

  radi8or 09:03 15 May 2009

Mornin' guys

ened, sorry didn't reply yesterday busy working your suggestion, why I didn't think of it I don't know (senior moment!!)

Graphicool1, as above, managed to get web access on XP machine via flash drive and used Driver Max to get some drivers installed, trouble is they seem to be popular as they have said to only d/l one driver a day as their server can't cope, this morning the server is down for service.

I tried changing drives from dvd to cd thinking xp should have a driver and got that working with one of the mobo drivers d/l, thought I'd cracked it but changed back to dvd drive...nothing, worked okay while booting to windows packed up as soon as windows was up, have tried :-

Changing drives... CD okay 3xDVD nothing.
Changed cables.... nothing
Reinstalling xp... nothing

I have a SATA DVD writer in this machine which I am going to try, can't think of anything else, unless there is something on the mobo disc but according to Driver Max i'm pretty much up to date.

This was my upgrade parts if anyone knows of any conflicts or whatever :-
Intel Core2 Duo E8600
OCZ 4gb 1600Mhz DDR3
XFX GForce GTX 275 GDDR3 Graphics
Tagan 800w Modular PSU
Zalman CNPS 8700NT HS/F

Regards Bob

  rdave13 10:57 15 May 2009

Try this fix if it's Windows not recognising the drive; click here

  radi8or 11:15 15 May 2009


Thanks for response, according to that I need admin rights, errr... how.

Never had to use admin in XP so haven't a scooby.....Help!!!!

Have installed my SATA DVD in XP machine and it works perfect updated a few drivers from mobo DVD but still no joy from original drive.

Cheers Bob

  rdave13 11:40 15 May 2009

Administrator rights, click here

  radi8or 11:42 15 May 2009

Wot a pillock.......I am Admin..........Doh

Still doesn't work though, going to take it out of XP machine and install in Vista one.

Have changed custom settings in BIOS back to fail safe just in case.

Cheers Bob

  Graphicool1 11:44 15 May 2009

Administrator WinXP Home/Pro

Reboot your computer.
Press Ctrl alt delete twice at the Welcome screen.
Wait for the alternative login screen to appear.
Type Administrator in the user name field.
If you have never created an administrator password, leave the password field blank. If not enter your password.
Click return and try to log in.

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