XP Cannot format CD-RW?

  [DELETED] 01:25 20 Nov 2003

I run WINDOWS XP PRO on a desktop, and XP HOME on a laptop.

I wish to use a CD-RW (rewritable) disc, but each time I try to move or copy data to a new blank disc, I am told the disc is not blank, or it is full. I have tried using the default Windows XP "write to disc" function, and the "Easy CD Drag & Drop" programme, same results (different words...).

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

  [DELETED] 01:44 20 Nov 2003

Easy CD has somewhere in its functions the ability to format a disc.I used to have so much bother with Roxio Easy CD and RW cd's that I finally gave up and switched to Nero.Once I had become used to using Nero,I found the hassles I had been getting weren't entirely to do with Easy CD but the RW discs.They are notoriously unreliable,and with the cost of blank cd's being so low,it isn't really worth the extra for a RW cd.

  [DELETED] 09:05 20 Nov 2003

here is what to do

Put the disc in your CD-RW drive

Now when the dialogue pops up, click on cancel.

Now double click "My Computer">then double click the CD-RW drive.

Now you will see on the left hand side "Cd Writing tasks" (if you dont see anything underneath click on the double arrows facing down)

Now click on the line that says "Erase this CD-RW"

The disc will now be formatted by XP for you. After the format you can now drag and drop


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