XP can I use it on my other computer

  decoratorman 21:54 19 Jul 2003

I have XP HOme installed on my main computer and I want to put it on my wifes alongside. Do I really have to buy another complete set?
I have the authentication key numbers for mine and product key will it run? will it need to get in touch with microfot , I'm not bothered about updates as I can get them of discs on magazines.
Will it cut out after 60 days as the literature says........
Other than that any ides on getting a cut price AUTHENTIC XP Home package from somewhere.

  recap 21:56 19 Jul 2003

Unfortunately decoratorman you will have to buy a seperate copy. Maybe the new copy could be upgraded to XP Pro.

  decoratorman 22:13 19 Jul 2003

thanks recap,
Its probably as you say but looking back over some of the XP software installation queries posted previously there seems to be a lot of people out there who have installed it on another comp. and activated or rang microsoft and have been given a new authentication number with no hassle , but I wonder if that would have any raminifications if I updated any hardware in mine , but I cant see me doing that for a very long time...........

  dfghjkl 22:31 19 Jul 2003

i used a copy of a friends xp disc to upgrade my 98se,it worked fine on a totally different pc,it would not let me install sp1 after downloading it but thats not the end of the world,i cant advise this because it is not really legal.but the point i am making is try it and see,if you install over current os you can always go back if problems,when you are happy i would recomend a clean install,with format.i must add,i used a copy to see for myself what it was like after(then 50-50 views)i now own my own legal copy with new pc but old pc is still using copy

  Nosmas 23:42 19 Jul 2003

Try here click here for XP Home OEM at £55.62 + VAT = £65.36

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