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  Baslla321 12:40 02 Dec 2003

I have Zone Alarm pro on a trial basis which expires in three days. It keeps telling me that if I dont buy it, I will have no protection from hackers and intrusions. I intend to have ZA free. I also have AdAware 6 plus spyware Blaster. Am I not covered enough on a cable connection? My ISP also has some sort of protection, I believe.

  johnnyrocker 12:47 02 Dec 2003

i would check with your isp as to exactly what if any protection they use ie nat firewall etc, there is a free zone alarm product available, adaware and spybot wont advise on hack attempts or some types of virus, you dont mention if you have any anti virus protection? for additional protection you could always turn on the xp firewall which is under network connections/properties/advanced.


  Baslla321 13:12 02 Dec 2003

Hell ! I forgot to mention that I also have Nortona Antivirus 2003 on a ninety day evaluation, which I will register at the end.
I did not know that XP has its own firewall.

  Rayuk 18:07 02 Dec 2003

You can either use Zone Alarm free download or Sygate firewall from
click here

  Baslla321 19:23 02 Dec 2003

Does ZA FREE do the same functions as Sygate?

  Baslla321 19:23 02 Dec 2003

Does ZA FREE do the same functions as Sygate?

  Rayuk 19:32 02 Dec 2003

As far as I know yes.If you have problems with one you can always try the other.

I think you will also find that the WinXP firewall isnt as good as either of these

  Baslla321 19:36 02 Dec 2003

It seems that Sygate covers more, like trojans, hackers etc. YES, AS U SAID, xp FIREWALL ISNT THAT PROTECTIVE. I will prob give Sygate a try. mni tks.

  Gemma 20:30 02 Dec 2003

that the trial will revert to free functionality if you don't take the buy option. The firewall stuff is largely the same, you lose the fancy bits.

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