XP built in firewall?

  ptrafc 03:36 27 Mar 2004

I've heard that Windows XP already has a firewall built in. Is this correct? Where Can I find it?

  dagwoood 03:49 27 Mar 2004

Click on start and then position your cursor on connect to and click on show all connections. Then right click on whatever connection you use and select properties. Click on the advanced tab and the firewall option is their. You can turn it on or off from here.


  wags 08:55 27 Mar 2004

Its not a particularly good one though. IMHO You'd be better off downloading one of the excellent free ones such as Zone Alarm (I use this) or Outpost and then disabling the XP one.

  johnnyrocker 09:03 27 Mar 2004

absolutely as the on board firewall is only incoming and does not prevent outgoing unauthorised traffic use as posted or sygate do a good one.


  Stuartli 09:33 27 Mar 2004

Seconded - ZoneAlarm's free version does all you require.

Secondly, you could have found out about XP's firewall from the, as usual, very comprehensive Microsoft Help and Support files...:-)

  Terrahawk 10:04 27 Mar 2004

As previous responses have stated xp firewall is not the best in the world

below i have put some links to firewalls that provide a free versions for personnal use

Zone alarm click here

Outpost click here

Kerio click here

Sygate click here

hope this is of some help


  Paranoid Android 11:16 27 Mar 2004

The Windows XP firewall is limited, but it's better thsn nothing and it will stealth your ports. I suggest you enable it while you decide what to do. In it's favour it is blindingly simple and transparent to use, and won't give you lots of unwanted messages.

On principle you should only use one firewall utility, so if you install a third party firewall you should disable the windows XP one. This is just a tick (or not) in a box in your dial up connection properties.

Some people get confused between firewall and antivirus. It is worth stating here that they are NOT the same, and you need to maintain a robust and up-to-date virus defence system in addition to your firewall. Check for updates at least once a week without fail.


  ptrafc 12:10 27 Mar 2004

Thanks for all of your responses. I should have said in my opening post that I do actually have Zonealarm and McAfee firewalls (I only open the Zonealarm firewall when I need to stop all internet activity since the McAfee one doesn't have this option I think). I just wanted to know about the XP firewall so I could switch if off.
Thanks for all your help!

  ptrafc 12:18 27 Mar 2004

I still have one problem finding the XP firewall. There's no 'connect to' option in the start menu. I'm using NTL broadband if that makes a difference.
Thanx again for your help.

  VoG II 12:20 27 Mar 2004

Control Panel, Network connections. Right click the connection, select Properties. Advanced tab.

  Stuartli 14:33 27 Mar 2004

ZoneAlarm is more than sufficient for your requirements but, as stated, disconnect the XP version.

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