xp broadband OK no internet

  dandew 01:55 21 Jul 2008

My Broadband is working OK but internet won't connect.
I had to cleandown my disk and reinstall xp , all went ok but for this problem.

  GaT7 02:04 21 Jul 2008

Look in Device Manager for network problems. You may have to manually install drivers for this. G

  dandew 02:18 21 Jul 2008

Not sure what you mean.

Looked in said place and network adaptor is ok.

Can you say more.

Thank you


  GaT7 02:37 21 Jul 2008

There could be a number of other reasons for your broadband not working. Not being there I can only query a few things:

1. How do you know your broadband is actually working? It may be temporarily down. Who's your ISP?

2. Do you have a cable/ADSL broadband connection? If it's the former, do you use USB to connect the modem to the PC? If yes, did you install the modem?

3. Is the modem/router switched on &, are all the connections to the PC OK?

4. If you connect wirelessly, are all related parameters working OK?

5. If you have another computer, are you able to access the same Internet connection from it?

The more details you can provide the better. G

  birdface 07:29 21 Jul 2008

Try right clicking Local area connection and press repair.See if it comes up with any problems.If it is IE7 that does not connect.Control panel.Internet Options.Programs .Make sure Internet Explorer is the default web browser.Apply.Ok.I take it that you are using another computer to post on here.

  EARLR 09:44 21 Jul 2008

If so make sure it´s up to date.
There was a problem with a windows update (KB951748) and ZA preventing access to internet.

Good Luck

  english rose 10:40 21 Jul 2008

if you are on wireless ...click on the wireless picture (bottom right) on the screen you will have settings and properties, click on the connections tab and make sure that you have 'never dial a connection' rather than 'always dial a connection'. i had this problem only yesterday! If that is not it than it may be your security settings, like zonealarm which is stopping you. Turn it off and see if you can then go onto internet.

  dandew 10:51 21 Jul 2008

I have a network with DSL router.
Two other computers working fine on Internet.

faulty computer: When I checked " Network connections " on Local Area Connection " and did repair , as suggested by you , I get an error message " The following steps of the repair operation failed : Renewing the IP address. Contact your network administrator or ISP.

This sounds useful but I am the administrator.

Any more help apprepriaced.

  kidsis 13:36 21 Jul 2008

Could it be the firewall on the affected computer? Have a look at the settings. If necessary you may have to disable the firewall to check if you can access the internet, but do bear in mind security considerations.
Look in to repairing the winsock - see the microsoft knowledge base article no. 811259. You can then see if your particular error is mentioned.

  EARLR 14:51 25 Jul 2008


  dandew 22:19 28 Jul 2008

Thanaks too all who responded.

Did the checks and finally decided the on board NIC had failed.
Installed a NIC card and everything worked fine.

Seems the ob board nic had failed.

All good now.

Thanks again

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