XP Boot - very strange!

  ams4127 18:59 28 Jan 2003

A bit of background first. Last Saturday my computer failed to boot. The HDD appeared to have "stuck" with strange buzzing noises emanating from within. I was unable to do anything in the following five hours using the XP disk and the repair console. I was unable to access anything other than C:\windows. I couldn't copy, restore or anything. I had a few beers that night and attacked again on Sunday.

Using a Win 98 boot disk I bit the bullet and FDISKed the drive, formatted and installed XP in NTFS.

Now what happens is this. After the BIOS post checks (all OK) I get a black screen with a line of 1cm high white lines near the bottom and the buzzing noise from the HDD. These white lines gradually disappear ever a period of about 2 minutes. At this point, if I deliver a swift kick on the side of the machine, it boots and performs perfectly! I am using it now.

Yes I know something might be loose inside the computer. There isn't. If I do not kick the machine but leave it for another five minutes it boots.

I am going to buy another HDD in the next couple of days but just wondered if anyone has come across anything as strange as this before.

Any ideas, folks?!

  cream. 19:10 28 Jan 2003

Well that's lateral thinking or is it lateral booting.


  ams4127 19:21 28 Jan 2003

It's lateral something for sure!

Two other things I forgot to mention. When it initially refused to boot, it threw up error messages about some files being missing or corrupted in the C:\windows\system32 folder. That's why I was trying to use the copy command.

Running CHKDSK in thorough mode tells me the disk is clean, yet I still have this strange boot sequence (if you can call it that)

  AndySD 19:33 28 Jan 2003

The white lines are part of the boot sequence and so nothing to worry about. The buzing noise is though. Have you tried tightening the screws holding the hard drive in place... :-)

  ams4127 22:30 28 Jan 2003

No. It's held in with clips!

Anyway, I've found the problem and cured it.

As a last resort I thought I'd run a defrag. I didn't think it would help as the disk had just been formatted etc. and only had XP on it. I defragged and everything is back to normal.

Absolutely amazing......I can't believe it!

BUT.......I had backed everything up onto CD a few weeks ago so lost almost nothing.

From now on - Tuesday night is defrag night!

Thanks to those who replied. One for the book I think.

  cream. 22:32 28 Jan 2003

Just keep the size 11 boot handy?????????

Glad all is well.

  Legolas 23:27 28 Jan 2003

So thats what is meant by "booting" up you computer (:-]

  ams4127 21:00 29 Jan 2003

Thanks to all. A second installment will follow....even more amazing!

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