XP Boot Time (Dual Boot with Win7)

  Funktion 23:25 26 Apr 2010

After the expiry of the RC on my test PC I have recently purchased Windows 7 for my main machine, since it's so much better than Vista and I need (okay, want) the DirectX capability it affords. A fresh install was the ideal time for a spring clean as well.

Being a skinflint Yorkshireman I decided to go for Home Premium and dual boot it with my copy of XP rather than pay for Pro/Ultimate with virtual XP. No problems getting this sorted - formatted hard drive (after imaging), partitioned equally, installed XP Pro on one and Win7 on the other.

My problem, albeit a small one, is this: after the boot manager comes up asking which version of Windows to boot, if I select Win7 (default) the OS loading screen comes up almost instantaneously whereas if I select 'an older version' I get a black screen for approx 30 seconds before the XP loading screen appears. Once into either OS the PC runs flawlessly.

I wouldn't have thought so, but does this have anything to do with XP and 7 being on different partitions? They are both on the same HDD (WD Raptor) but is the boot manager on the Win7 partition and taking a while to get its head around XP being separate? I also thought about the SATA connection being loose but it appears fine and I never had this delay prior to formatting (when I just had XP as a solo OS). I could understand if they both had a delay then it may be a hardware issue, but I don't know what it could be. Obviously specs can be posted if necessary, but I figure it's more the boot manager playing up than anything serious.

Any thoughts? It's not life-threatening, but it's got me perplexed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:49 26 Apr 2010

May be something to do with the fact you can only have one "system" partition on a drive and XP is not on it when asked to boot XP.

  Funktion 00:29 27 Apr 2010

I see where you're coming from but is the system partition not designated once Windows has loaded? I've just had a play and it looks like when I'm in XP, the partition is designated C: and shows up as 'System' with Win7 as D: and 'Healthy', and vice versa when booted in 7 (Win7 as C: and XP as D:).

Since the boot menu is clearly Win7 based, is it therefore already allocating this partition as 'System', loading the boot menu, then having to renegotiate with the XP partition?

That would kind of make sense to me...

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