XP boot-up takes takes five..Part 2!

  [DELETED] 09:45 24 Dec 2003

Earlier this month I asked for help with the ludicrous time it was taking to load windows (xp).

The computer suddenly started working normally, until last weekend that is, when it slowed down again and then presented me with the dreaded blue screen. The hard drive had stopped and would not run.

The bios could not see the drive. All the connections were fully home so I removed them and examined the pins; all okay. Convinced the drive had failed I cleaned all the connections with contact cleaner and tried once more, the drive whirred into life as if nothing had happened.

It could be my imagination but I’m sure my PC is running better than ever and now boots from cold to displaying desktop in 45 seconds.

As my PC is kept in a warm, clean and dry room all I can think of is the person who assembled my pc rubbed their sweaty hands all over the contact pins!

  [DELETED] 09:48 24 Dec 2003

Or could have been a loose connection?

  Giggle n' Bits 09:58 24 Dec 2003

I have found the the AMD Athlon XP retail PIB boxed CPU's to come in a greasy to the touch plastic holder box. I wonder what this stuff is, seems to be a very invisable WD40 type feel.

Maybe its just AMD staff working up a sweat.

Erh but I am interested in what you actually cleaned when you say contacts you mean the IDE pins on the actuall HDD ?

Private mail welcome.

  [DELETED] 10:51 24 Dec 2003

It defiantly was not a loose connection I examined the pc on a bench with a strong light (I hope Amnesty International are not reading this). The connections would not push in any further. I also checked the power output from the psu

I removed the IDE cable and cleaned the IDE pins on the HDD, the cable (both ends) the jumper, the power pins and cable socket using a non-residue contact spray and cleaning strips, remember I thought the drive was scrap and would be very cautious doing the same to good drive.

I have a very old electrical contact cleaning kit. However I believe a similar spray is available from Maplins be careful not to get the type that also contains a lubricant.

It’s a good point about the coating used in packaging some sensitive components if it is anti-static I wonder if it is also a poor electrical conductor?

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