XP boot-up takes 5 minutes, Help needed

  Faser 16:26 05 Dec 2003

When my start my PC the bios loads as usual and then I get the XP Home loading box, this runs for about 20 seconds and then screen goes blank.
Within seconds from here I normally I get my login however this is now taking up to five minutes!
I have 45% of hard-drive free, always run up to date firewall and anti-virus and have made no changes recently. All the latest Microsoft patches have been downloaded.
I tried an IBM drive fitness test, disabled all non essentiall startups, checked for duplicate DLL's, ran Norton utilities, system restore, scandisc etc., no change.
So I flashed the motherboard with the latest bios and loaded the latest driver still no joy.
Everything else seems to be working normally. Suggestions please.

  Gaz 25 16:48 05 Dec 2003

A blank screen.

Well you could try Boot vis to optimise performace on boot, it is a Microsoft utillity:

click here

sounds like you need a clean install m8.

  stuntmaster 09:26 06 Dec 2003

could be something todo with windows settings
(in the registry) starting up some stuff, i have win 2000 and when i install a huge program like norton antivirus corporate after a reeboot i get to the loading screen and it goes blank for about 2 mins then it loads afterwards everything is fine. in your case a patch or something might have a bug in it which causes it to register settings (during the blank screen) everytime windows is to be booted up again. at exactly what date & time did it start to do this? and during that time did you install anything or alter any settings?


P.S im having trouble with my win XP (on other machine) at the mo with this Registry and a statement in event viewer called USERENV, anyone shed any light on this? (i have posted a response)

  Faser 12:09 06 Dec 2003

Had a slight slowdown after the last Microsoft patches download but that was a couple of weeks ago, since then I have only used the PC for mail, documents etc. It started to play up yesterday (Friday). I will probably do a clean install as suggested.

Stuntmaster found an article on your prob.not sure how much help it will be - click here;EN-US;259398

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