XP boot takes 5 minutes ??

  Derek 15:59 16 Sep 2003

Win XP pro+SP1 / 512 DDR / Asus A7N8X Deluxe / Athlon 1.24 / OE latest / Mailwasher / Norton Sys Works / Sys Mechanic . Everything uptodate.
HD clean and defragged.

I installed XP from ME and once I've got through VERY slow booting, everything works fine.
I switch on and the boot time takes 4.75 minutes. It goes into the desktop but that takes about 1.75 minutes and I then have to wait to get rid of the hourglass. All the time the NTL broadband modem is flashing away downloading something or other.
If I disconnect the BB Usb connection, I can get cracking in about 2.5 minutes. If I do this but then re-connect BB, the whole thing goes out of action again and so far I've waited seven minutes plus and eventually pressed the re-start.

I can't use Sys Restore because I have nothing in it to restore from - yet. I wonder if someone can tell me what to do next ? many thanks. D

  gold 47 16:04 16 Sep 2003

Are you using NTFS file system? far better than FAT32 did you do a clean install?? sounds like you have a driver problem have you looked in the event log this should show what is causing the hang on start up.

  Derek 16:27 16 Sep 2003

Fat 32 at the moment and I did and upgrade from ME. Hasten to add that once up and running, everything is perfect.
You refer to a Log, could you explain further what I should do please.

  plankton 16:34 16 Sep 2003

Have you checked with NTL, I believe there's a patch...

  Derek 17:19 16 Sep 2003

Thank you Plankton, I'll tackle NTL straight away.

  dfghjkl 18:26 16 Sep 2003

can you post result please derek,thanks

  Derek 11:34 17 Sep 2003

Before ringing NTL, I decided to uninstall a few programmes, these being Mailwasher, Zone Alarm, and Spybot. I booting up with the same slowness so....

I rang the BB support line 0845 650 0121 and did all the usual button pressing to get into the problem when I was instructed to visit
click here

This I did and I printed off an instruction sheet.
I learn that NTL will not speak to anyone technically until this virus checking has been done.
I downloaded three patches WinXP-039.exe Fixblast.exe Fixwelch.exe I then proceeded to clean up my PC. I was clear of Blaster but not Welch. I haven't gone back to NTL since my PC is now working a little faster but not much faster. I'm still getting a lot of BB voluntary download activity when I first switch on. In fact, as I look at it now, it's still flashing away....goodness knows why ? I've been switched on and working for at least 40 minutes. I'm bound to ask any of you again....is there a way of looking at the modem activity and checking it out because I feel that this is the problem !!

  Derek 11:38 17 Sep 2003

My downloaded pages read

click here

  gold 47 15:52 17 Sep 2003

You will find the event log in Admiistravtive tools click control panel click on admin tools then Event viewer,Windows xp should not be installed over another OS i know it always looks fine but you will find with XP problems start to show up later Fat 32 file system is not as good as NTFS.You will find many errors showing in the event log.

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