XP boot probs on new computer

  moonmanas 10:20 18 Jan 2006

Hi all,

I have my ancient dell computer with Win XP on HDD, I have bought a AMD K7 1100 and tried to put the HDD in from the dell (the AMD I got without a HDD) It will not boot only as far as recognising a HDD on master, then asking to hit delete to enter setup, this keeps going on and on....any ideas how I get it to boot to XP id b grateful.


  goonerbill © ® 10:48 18 Jan 2006

you cannot move a hard drive from one pc to another and expect it to run unless they are identical. you old mobo (motherboard) will probably have a different chipset to your new one and have different device drivers loaded, so when you put the hdd in your new pc it is following the instructions that are stored on the hdd for you old pc, that is why you cannot go any further than what you are getting.

you will need to run setup, so that it can configure to your new system and hopefully not lose any data already on the hdd but there is a good chance this may not work, which means you will need to do a clean install of windows to get your pc running properly.

if i'm wrong, someone will kindly correct me.

  moonmanas 11:15 18 Jan 2006

Hi Thanks,

What if i put the drivers for the amd mobo on the disc in the dell then try I really wnt to avoid a clean install as i have so much stf i use on the hdd?


  Totally-braindead 11:23 18 Jan 2006

The way to do it would be install the hard drive in the new PC, then boot from the CDROM with the Windows disk in it, then repair windows instructions here click here .

Then install the drivers for the new motherboard and anything else and hopefully that would be it. But there is a problem. Assuming you got the Windows XP with the original Dell it may be tied to the Dell computer and Dell motherboard. If this is the case then there is no way you will get this to work and will have to buy a new copy of Windows XP. Sorry but a lot of PCs come with recovery disks which are tied to the PCs they came with.

  eqskey 11:26 18 Jan 2006

How would you feel if the chef used someones leftover for your meal!Or to save money you tried to use the wheels of your Mini car onto your new BWM.Sorry but pc's have standards to.
If you don't setup your pc properly then it will only give you continual hell.
Take note from all the problems on this site~most are self inflicted.

  moonmanas 11:39 18 Jan 2006

Thanks Totally braindead its worked a treat!

eqsky I'm quite partial to a bit of bubble and squeak.....LOL


  eqskey 11:56 18 Jan 2006

Nice one mate and well done.LOL
Sorry I was only trying to stop you getting salt in the cut.There's a lot of careless folk out there.

  goonerbill © ® 01:08 26 Jan 2006

congrats on a flawless transition to your new pc.

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