XP Boot problem

  Peter-200561 11:40 04 Apr 2010

If i put my computer on standby i cannot bootup afterwards. When this happens if i turn the power switch off at the back of the unit and then back on i can then do a full bootup.
Is this a software or mechanical prob?


  OTT_B 11:49 04 Apr 2010

It could be any number of things. Do you get any warning messages when you successfully boot?
If you leave the PC to attempt to start up after standby mode, does t bluescreen at all?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:11 04 Apr 2010

What are your settings in control panel---power options---power schemes and advanced tabs?

Normally to exit standby, an operator either moves the mouse or depresses a key on the keyboard.
Both keyboard and mouse are set to 'Allow this device to bring computer out of standby'

The power on key brings it out of hibernation.
The power on key (if set) can be used to go into standby.

  Peter-200561 16:00 04 Apr 2010

No error messages when computer starts up.
Fruit Bat
Power options
Advanced--i have no options concerning "allow this device to bring comp out of standby. Also despite being ticked Hibernation mode not available on shutdown options.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:07 04 Apr 2010

MAke sure BIOS power options are set for Operating system otherwise BIOS power saving may be shutting you down or going into hibernate.

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