XP Boot-up Problem

  Eames317 20:57 24 Sep 2008

Hi there,

Following a series of OS snags, and a shortage of storage, I've gone for a clean XP Home install on a new hard drive, but I've hit an infuriating problem.

Equipment is Asus K8V MoBo w/Via SATA interface and Seagate Barracuda 500GB HDD. Installed XP from CD, installing Via SATA driver from floppy drive (F6 option). Allowed XP to install itself without interference. Install went fine. Installed internet connection and downloaded SP2 and installed successfully.

Problem: When I 'restart' the PC it boots up fine. When I 'turn off' and then switch on, the system fails to see the HDD. Following onscreen prompts I can put in the XP CD, start the installation process, then press F3 to cancel - the PC reboots automatically and then see's the HDD and starts normally.

When it first occurred, I reconnected the old HDD and it booted up fine; no problem with the HDD being seen. I would think that this indicates that it's not a MoBo or cable problem.

I would guess that something has failed to install properly and gets picked up from the CD and held in RAM fopr the 'restart'... and is then lost when the machine switches off completely. I don't see how this can happen with a standard 'auto' installation.

Any ideas/pointers greatly appreciated?

  Fried~Chips 21:02 24 Sep 2008


  Terry Brown 21:03 24 Sep 2008

I had a similr problem a while ago in that sometimes it would boot up perfect and another time it would not find the HDD.
Like you I checked the cables and all seemed fine, eventually I noticed that one of the power cable wires (HDD plug) was slightly loose, changed to a spare power plug and the problem was cured.

  Fried~Chips 21:06 24 Sep 2008

model, you will need to look inside the case at the motherboard inbetween the PCI slots to get the full A7V8- model unless you have the manual, also in smaller print their should be a Revision number like rev.01 or similar.

Also what socket if you know is this motherboard, Socket A or Socket 754 maybe ?

  gary2112 21:33 24 Sep 2008

hi you might need to install the drivers from a floppy disk by pressing f4 when windows xp is installing as the motherbord cant find the drivers go the web site and download the drives .when you drivers place the floppy in the drive windows will find it,all so the driver its self will make the disk for you.

  Eames317 22:36 24 Sep 2008

Fried~ Old HDD was 120GB (Maxtor), new is 500GB. New one is SATA 2, jumpered to 150mbps; runs fine when it's seen! MoBo is K8V Deluxe rev 1.12, socket 754. Via SATA chip is VT8237.

Terry HDD always powers up. However, have now checked connections with multimeter and all are ok.

Gary Yep, did this when I installed XP for first time. Although I need the XP CD to force the boot when the HDD is 'not seen', I neve get prompted to resupply the drivers from floppy - they're not needed; it's just the 'cold start' that causes problems for some reason.

  Fried~Chips 23:59 24 Sep 2008

and have you changed the HDD from a OLD ide TO sata?

If you have a Card reader fitted to the motherboard then its advisable to remove before installing XP as the boot orders can get messed up.

Take it you do not have any other devices connected like Printers, USB modems etc just to eliminate.

Did you change any bios settings ?

  Eames317 12:11 25 Sep 2008


Old drive was SATA 1, new one is SATA 2 dropped to 150. No card readers fitted, and all other peripherals were disconnected before installation. Boot order has been checked in BIOS - the problem remains the same whether HDD is first priority or not.

At any time, I can reconnect the old HDD and the machine boots up fine - see's the drive and everything, which kind of excludes everything except the OS installation on the new drive, or the drive itself (ie BIOS versions and settings are OK).

What's wierd is that when initiating a boot from CD and then cancelling it before actually installing any files (using F3 option) the PC automatically restarts and sees the drive quite happily and the OS files.

  T0SH 13:52 25 Sep 2008

As a workaround you could try this it may or may not work though

click here;en-us;305595

Cheers HC

  T0SH 14:01 25 Sep 2008

Ops link did not work try this one
click here

Cheers HC

  Eames317 21:42 26 Sep 2008

Spent ages trying to resolve this without success so far. Putting old disk back in allows me to boot up successfully. If I add the new drive to the secondary SATA connection, system won't boot. If I connect just the old HDD system boots - I can then connect the new drive to the secondary SATA connection and it appears in Explorer, and all the data and other contents are visible. New HDD appears functional in all respects except when booting up Windows!

The other thing I've found is that I can hit 'tab' on startup to enter the VIA VT8237 Raid setup menu and can see drives, either the new one on its own or the new one and old one connected at the same time. If I exit this without making any changes the disks are seen in POST and Windows boots correctly.

I've bought new power and data cables today and swapped them back and forth with the new and old drive; makes no difference.

Any pointers or ideas???

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