XP boot hang up

  PAULP 23:15 02 Mar 2003

I have just recently built a new pc with the following, xp2100+, IBM 80GB, 512mb RAM, XP inc SP1, normally everything works fine, however when i add a second hard drive (another 80gb IBM)the pc locks up during the boot up, on the win xp page before the user accounts come up.
I have looked in the BIOS and the drive is recognised as the secondary slave, as is the original as primary master, i have a DVD/CD player as primary slave and a cd writer as secondary master.
First time i tried a second disk it was with an old 6gb one, on start up windows started loading alot of drivers, as i was unsure of what was happening i switched off, since then it has worked correctly and is auto detected, as are all the drives (set to auto).
I have run the bootlog and the first driver which fails is ACPI UNIPROCESSOR.

any ideas anyone

  AndySD 23:32 02 Mar 2003

OK ...try adding the new hard drive onto the same IDE cable as the origonal hard drive. (instead of the DVD.) The new drive must go in the middle connector.

Now attach the dvd to the ide cable with the cdwr.

Check the Jumpers on the back of all the drives.

C Drive (Master) New Drive (Slave)

CDWR (Master) DVD (Slave)

and as a thought what wattage is your Power Suply Unit..... anything less than 300w will probably be the cause of this.

  PAULP 09:08 05 Mar 2003

Thanks AndySD

The power supply was ok at 300W, to test i disconnected the 2 optical drives and set the second HD as secondary master, still no boot up, as soon as i set it to primary slave windows booted although it didnt see the second drive still, i had to go in and do this manually.

Any ideas on why it wouldn,t auto detect or why it wouldn't work on the secondary IDE, i have seen recomendations, including ones in this mag to set them on different channels, other computers also seem to work ok like this, its not any problem for me i'm only trying to learn!

Thanks again


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