XP Boot Error

  BBez 20:41 13 Aug 2003

when booting XP provides the error:

"the following file is missing or corrupt, windows\root\system32\hal.dll"

upon searching it looks like the boot.ini is damaged. The PC is an e-machines OEM with the recovery disc so when i boot from it i get a menu to reinstall XP or goto command prompt but when i try to execute the "bootgfg /rebuild" command it states the command is bad. My question is, can i use the 6 setup floppies for XP home edition and boot into recovery console to get the boot.ini rebuilt. It's my friends PC and i'm talking him through it on the phone before i have to go along.

I'm going out for a while but will check back in later. Any help, thanks in advance...

  hugh-265156 22:52 13 Aug 2003

use system restore if you can get into windows or after starting tap F8 and choose last known good configuration.

it that doesnt work then try click here

  BBez 23:27 13 Aug 2003

bloody good link...won't start with last known good or safe mode so i'll check the link, my friend has got 60GB worth of data that he hasn't backed up...he'll learn :-)

  hugh-265156 23:41 13 Aug 2003

i notice you say OEM Emachine.

please correct me if i am wrong but i think you may have problems accessing the recovery console via the floppies.

i have a packard bell and the recovery console is only available as an option at boot,not from the recovery discs.

control panel/system/advanced/start up and recovery/time to display recovery options when needed, has to be ticked and then its listed as an option.

  BBez 01:20 14 Aug 2003

when his system boots, the recovery console is not an option in boot.ini but i've went to another friends house tonight and got a copy of hal.dll so if the XP setup disks don't let me in, i'm gonna try and get the hal.dll copied over from a 98 boot disk, assuming (and hoping) that he's running a FAT32 partition, hopefully it'll let me copy it over into his %root%\windows\system32\ folder. Both OS's are using SP1 which shouldn't conflict and let me get the recovery console installed from a cmd prompt, which'll let me get boot.ini edited back to default. If he's running NTFS, i'm hoping the "read ntfs" util will let me write to the partition? (that's another post) or find a util that will tonight...thanks for the info...

  BBez 01:23 14 Aug 2003

when u use the 2k/XP setup disks, when you finally get to the welcome to windows screen you get the option to enter recovery console...

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