XP beyond recovery?

  Diemmess 18:04 23 Sep 2003

Have mispent my day trying to revive a very sick notebook, loaded with WinXP and an awful lot of stuff that shouldn't be there.

Bought by a daughter with an attitude that hates computers but uses them in her successful design business (Macs mostly).

Fatal error - to let her teenage sons loose and still expect to use it to keep in touch with her business when away.

Result - I have orders to fix it any which way...... and I, with no experience of XP am expected to do so. .......... She is happy for me to reformat and load Win98SE. There I have much more experience. ... But if I can just recover it as it was....................and she has failed so far to come up with manual or recovery CD

To start with, The CD(DVD)Rom is dead. (Checked as unresponsive in Safe Mode).

She uses Tiscali which keeps trying to connect with no success. There is a constant reminder to tell MS about a "serious error" from which it has "recovered".

I have tried system restore but early dates fail.

I am shaken when I enter the msconfig routine to find about 100 files to be loaded all as follows (with differing numbers of course)- One reads---

196906 rundll.EXE shell32dll Control RunDLL C:\windows196906.cpl

Can I disable these? Or sacrifice a lamb at the new moon, eye of toad, tongue of newt! There seem to be more of these every time I try something and it is snails pace in spite of a P4 and 1.5Ghz

The vendor will send me a copy of the drivers for W98SE. My errant daughter is reluctant to spend much when she can replace with one that works for just a bit more because in accountancy terms this is already written down in value!

The thing reboots if I try a virus scan. It hung when I tried to install my Aol account from a copy on an external hard disc. I have spent too long trying to clear the Registry because since Aol did not complete the installation, its uninstallation was very untidy.

SO----- Has anyone a miracle cure?

  Diemmess 18:30 23 Sep 2003

It should worry me that anyone should let a potentially valuable tool be so misused, but in this case I know the chaotic circles in which her family move.

I will phone the owner this evening for directons about what I can spend ----- This is a personal challenge and I welcome any and every idea to try and recover it "as was".

  Diemmess 18:51 23 Sep 2003

There is always the viral possibility. I thought I had been pretty sharp to try copying the Aol Cd to an external Hd and then try and install from that!

As a home operator I don't have a clue about networking my PC to the notebook, but updating the Av was my reason to try and load Aol.

Obviously if the AV scanning it to be effective it must be doe to the notebook. I have in the past "borrowed" other sibling's HDs to clean then of a virus before impressing them with the need for their own protection, but I'm not prepared to teke the notebook apart for that!

As before, I'm still hoping for a miracle.

  Diemmess 21:26 23 Sep 2003

My daughter has OK'd replacing the CDROM and promises (when she gets home) to find the XP recovery disk.

Thanks for all the input. I may be able to borrow networking stuff, also will see if I can somehow cobble an AVG scan by "unusal" means.

I will leave this open until the notebook is working again though it may be 10 days of waiting for this and that.

  Diemmess 07:53 24 Sep 2003

Jester2K II or anyone..... The notebook has only a CD input (plus USB.1 ports of course), no floppy drive and I have no system or experience prior to this with XP .......... Is there a simple way of linking with my 98SE PC by the Printer port, I am not prepared to invest in Laplink?

I am ordering a new CDROM today but until that is in place the only way I can communicate with the notebook is via the USB port and an external HD.
No possibility at present of using the net, because although the modem diagnostics say OK, it was the inability to go online that started all this.

  Diemmess 08:14 24 Sep 2003

?? USB Bridge (Cross Over) cable ! Gulp (showing depth of ignorance).

- sounds like what I need if such a cable exists out there. In "old money" this behaves like a Null modem cable between parallel ports?

  graham√ 08:31 24 Sep 2003

You should find the Recovery Console somewhere in 'programs'. On mine it's under 'hp tools'.

To see if 'Recovery' is on the hard drive, go Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage.

  Diemmess 09:09 24 Sep 2003

This thread is getting longer due to the messy starting point...... Restating the problem :-

Laptop XP ill-used. Can boot, but full of error messages, and a wanton tendency to reboot or freeze. CDROM appears dud. Will not read any disk however forced, briefly spins and stops. Possibly a virus present. All sorts of games and unworthy stuff all over the place.
Can see CDROM in Safe Mode but same result.
Have tried to install my own ISP connection from external HD via USB. This twice failed, rebooting before completion. System restore fails whatever earlier date is chosen. Recovery disk (XP) supplied is presently AWOL, but my daughter promises to find and post it at the weekend.

Meanwhile, to clear the possibility of a virus I will go with Jester2K II and buy a USB crossover outfit. That should bring some reward over the virus scanning problem and be a useful gadget for other occasions.

  Diemmess 14:47 24 Sep 2003

Yes I can appreciate that this method might work, but the state of this laptop is like a blind and deaf person who is also mentally not quite up to speed either at this moment. Its not my machine and I think the only "working" and licenced XP copy is the one on this laptop. Another case of- No Backup=Big Bother. Mercifully there is no important data at all to worry about.

  Diemmess 17:04 26 Sep 2003

Problem not solved but solution forced on me.
Whatever I did seemed mostly to make matters worse and at last the laptop is demanding the recovery disk and refuses any other attention.

After trying another system restore with a recent date, it seems there wasn't a restore point on the machine. It hung and then crashed out saying it was missing the config.sys file!

The final shoot-out comes next week when/if my daughter can find the WinXP recovery disk, and actually remember to post it to me.

If she can't than I must regress to Win98SE, I shall be on familiar territory then.

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