XP Backup System has anybody any Experiance?

  johnoo 09:59 01 Jul 2012

Has anybody had any experiance of using this software that is installed in XP Pro?

  difarn 10:59 01 Jul 2012

I haven't personally used this but this article goes through it step by step with a useful video.

  johnoo 11:20 01 Jul 2012

Thanks, but I think there is a problem, I can't get the video to play

  difarn 13:50 01 Jul 2012

Seems to have disappeared - this is another video on the same subject from YouTube.

  johnoo 14:26 01 Jul 2012

difarn, Thanks, I've found that tutorial, but having tried using the XP Backup system it does not work as shown in it. If you want to do a "Full Backup" "All information on this Computer" using the Wizard you get a message to say file can't be made. I have found that if you go into the Advanced mode you can create a "Full Backup" That is what I wanted to discuss/seek advise about

  difarn 16:36 01 Jul 2012

Ok - you want to do a complete system back up and possibly create a system recovery disk. I haven't done this in XP but have with Windows 7 using an external hard drive for storage. This article about the advanced mode back up may be of use to you.

  johnoo 18:02 01 Jul 2012

Thanks, have found out that you have to use Advanced mode to do full backup as XP Home does not support this software

  onthelimit1 18:59 01 Jul 2012

If unsure about the Windows back-up, I've used Paragon with good results free from here

  woodchip 20:33 01 Jul 2012

If yo want to keep it safe Get Acronis True Image or some other similar software

  Terry Brown 21:18 01 Jul 2012

The XP backup sysstem does not do a full backup as in 'Restore from a disk' but only backs your data files (files you have created.)

I suggest a program like Paragon Free


or EASEUS disk copy


There are plenty of other backup programs , just do a search for Backup free.


  Terry Brown 21:21 01 Jul 2012

link to paragon not working try this.



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