XP auctions on ebay

  jameski 21:56 27 Sep 2004


There are several auctions on ebay for sealed and unused versions of windows XP at around £20 without the coa. I've windows 98se on my existing computer, but would like to install XP on a new home build. Will this lead to problems without the coa. The price is attractive, but will I end up with an unsupported version and unable to load sp1 and 2?



  2neat 22:00 27 Sep 2004


  ventanas 22:03 27 Sep 2004

coa = certificate of authenticity. I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole. All illegal and Microsoft are on to these, working together with ebay. Anyone caught is for it.

  Djohn 22:04 27 Sep 2004

Certificate of authentication.

  Djohn 22:05 27 Sep 2004

Posted without refreshing :o(

  ventanas 22:09 27 Sep 2004

No problem. At least we both got it right :-))

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