XP Antivirus Pro 2010 IS BACK !

  honey chops 19:54 16 Mar 2010

Once again it's back, this time it has wiped out our internet connection. I did the Malware thing again and it seemed to show two nasties, Trojan psw 32 code 219 and worm win32 autorun. Both were quarantined etc. but even after doing this we are still unable to connect to the internet. I am currently working in safe mode with internet connection. we have also tried system restore but it won't let us restore it to a date when the blasted virus came through which was Saturday 13th. We have Kaspersky and after phoning them and they suggested we use Malware and me saying we had already done that, they said we would need to rebuild our computer ! Can anyone suggest anything else so we can get back to our internet connection? I have also spoken with our ISP and everything is ok at their end and said it is all at our end.
Honey Chops

  johnnyrocker 20:01 16 Mar 2010

check my recent reply on your old post which i didnt noticce was closed?


  honey chops 20:12 16 Mar 2010

I have turned off system restore as advised, do i continue to work in safe mode to run the malware again or close down and work in normal mode?

  johnnyrocker 20:16 16 Mar 2010

run it in safe mode i would suggest and we stay on here now to avoid confusion


  honey chops 21:31 16 Mar 2010

did the malwarebyte scan (again), didn't find anything new, went back into normal mode to untick the system restore box, tried connecting to internet but the same message comes up...Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.
It looks as though the computer is going to have to be re-built doesn't it?

  Tony W. 21:56 16 Mar 2010

You could try this.

click here

  honey chops 18:16 17 Mar 2010

have finally managed to sort it, actually, we just uninstalled Kaspersky and, as soon as we did, we were able to access the internet. apparently the "bug" does something to the firewall of your internet security which means you cannot access the internet? anyway, we have now downloaded AVG instead and everything seems to be fine.
thanks to you both for your help.

  johnnyrocker 19:47 17 Mar 2010

and the tick?


  honey chops 06:14 18 Mar 2010

strange, i did tick the resolved box when i posted my last message?
i have now ticked it again so hopefully it will now show as resolved.

  Furkin 08:24 18 Mar 2010

Just in case you are unaware H.Chops (& others), you have to tick the box AND click on the Resolved button.
I fell foul of that some time ago & couldn't understand why it wasn't working prioperly.

  honey chops 08:28 18 Mar 2010

many thanks for the info, of course it does say that doesn't it ! have now ticked the box and clicked resolve !

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