XP - allow secondary accounts access to programmes

  webber_man 22:57 26 Feb 2005


I have recently set up a wireless network and on the desktop computer running Windows XP there are 3 accounts - 1 administrator and 2 with limited access. However only the admin account can gain direct access to the internet. The 2 limited accounts cannot get to the internet unless the admin logs onto the PC first. There are a couple of programmes that should be running to allow them access to the net via the Netgear wireless router.

Is there any way i can give them access to these programmes to that they can get access to the internet without making the accounts administrator too?

...hope i've explained that clearly enough!


  webber_man 01:41 27 Feb 2005


  webber_man 11:02 27 Feb 2005

i did guess that that's what i needed to do - i just don't know how to do it or where to look!

How do i go about this?

  webber_man 16:37 27 Feb 2005

Helped to an extent - i've now managed to set it so AVG can be fully accessed by all users and that the email scanner now is set for all uders Outlook settings.

However when looking in the registry there is no folder for the Netgear software/hardware even though it shows up under Programes within the C drive.

I'll keep searching though.

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