Xp Activation -second time around

  SSC 19:45 17 Feb 2004

Can someone provide a definitive answer to this question. I have looked at old posts and am still not sure about the answer. I have also trawled through MS sites without sucess.

I bought a new PC base unit 15 months ago. At the same time I purchased a copy of Xp Home Ed. I presume an OEM copy as it says, 'for supply only with a new computer'

Due to an accident my PC was damaged to such an extent that its cheaper to buy a new base unit rather than repair..Old one now in the bin.

I still have the XP disc. Can I install AND activate onto a new PC or do I have to buy XP again.

Does anyone have a telephone number of the MS Uk call centre where I can check with them.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 19:52 17 Feb 2004

Depends when u activate it like sends a snapshot of what your systen setup is,so if you try to activate on another system it will see the setup has changed and might not work,i think u can change 4/5 things about the pc before activation thinks it is a different pc,i would call them and explain you have a legit copy of xp and as long as the other pc is not bieng used somewhere with the copy of xp on it you should be ok.


  SSC 20:32 17 Feb 2004

I know that I could activate again if I had changed the hardware on original PC. My main concern is, would MS say its OEM (even though its a full copy)and you can't activate it again even though the original machine is destroyed.

Has anyone had this experience.

  Djohn 20:48 17 Feb 2004

SSC, Install XP. Go on-line and click the activate button, it will activate without any problem. j.

  Djohn 20:53 17 Feb 2004

Tel. No. 0870 60 10 100

  ventanas 22:19 17 Feb 2004

I have successfully transferred XP from one machine to another. You are probably better off telephoning as Djohn suggests. I wouldn't mention the OEM bit unless asked.

  User-312386 22:22 17 Feb 2004

you say "At the same time I purchased a copy of Xp Home Ed"

was that with the PC or seperately?

  Glyn-252301 22:59 17 Feb 2004

I can't remember were I found this but it works. "If you have to reinstall Windows XP you normally will have to reactivate too. Well not anymore. Just copy wpa.dbl after you activated the first time. It is located in the WINDOWS\system32 folder. Now if you reinstall Windows XP just copy the file back and you're up and running again."
Regards G.

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