XP activation query

  p;3 22:57 28 May 2007

am I correct in assuming that if a comp has (hopefully a legit )XP on it and for various reasons apparently has had to be reinstalled on numerous occasions ; if the owner goes to the microsft site for activation the comp SHOULD be 'recognised' BY microsoft as legit? and if the cd ( and /or code) used for the instalation is NOT legit the windows version will NOT continue to be activated?


  birdface 23:07 28 May 2007

Any time I have had to reinstall,I have had to phone Microsoft with key-code.

  barn 23:16 28 May 2007

This is very pertinent to me at the moment as well and I'd like to know too.
I have a product key sticker on the side of my pc but I bought it without an actual cd with windows on it as it came pre installed.
I've been advised by a very professional friend of mine that it's the product key I have paid for and not the copy of windows. If I have a legal product key then I can reinstall off his copy of windows and all will be fine. But I'm not quite convinced. Does it recognise things like I've changed my address and I can't remember what I called the PC in the first place? I don't know the answers to this but I hope this brings this thread to the fore again.
I've not been here for 6 months as I argued with BT and then my PC b******d up but I know this is the best place on the web to find answers.

  kindly 23:16 28 May 2007

I read that there was a problem with microsofts validation tool when its downloaded with the updates. Sometimes it says that a genuine copy is not. Try a search on the update site to see the way to stop it. sorry I dont know the exact place to look for you.

  p;3 23:21 28 May 2007

what I need to know is, EACH TIME the windows is reinstalled , does one have to phone microsoft with the key-code?

  birdface 23:22 28 May 2007

I should have added when I try to enter the keycode for activation it will not accept it.Mind you I only have the Coa sticker on the side of the machine,

  Totally-braindead 23:26 28 May 2007

You can reinstall XP using any copy of XP you choose as long as its same for same IE if the code you have is for Home you can install Home and it will activate no problem but if you use a Pro copy and its a Home code you have it will fail.
If you have to reinstall windows and it does happen to fail the validation, which it hasn't for me because their have been no hardware changes. I have just reinstalled on the same PC and have not had problems.
But if it does you can contact MS and they will reactivate it for you, its not a major headache they are more interested in stopping illegal copies they are not really interested in people with a genuine product code.
p;3 not sure about the last bit you ask as its never happened to me.
I have only ever had to contact Microsoft once to revalidate and that was because there had been major hardware changes - a new processor and motherboard in that case.

  birdface 23:27 28 May 2007

You have got it right,And you can reinstall it using your friends XP Disc.But you will probably have to phone Microsoft to get it validated.

  kindly 23:29 28 May 2007

This is a question and answer I got of a search on google about the question asked at the start.

Q: What do I do if my system fails validation, but I am certain that I purchased/have a genuine copy of Windows?

A: When a copy of Windows fails validation, the user is directed to a customized Web page with details about what caused the failure and recommendations for how to fix the problem. This page contains a section with troubleshooting steps. One of these steps will let you check to see whether you can use the online Product Key Update Tool. If your computer came with a genuine product key, but Windows was improperly installed using an invalid product key, the Product Key Update Tool helps convert your computer to a genuine status without having to purchase a new copy of Windows. If this solution does not work, refer to the instructions above for what to do when your system fails validation.

  Totally-braindead 23:30 28 May 2007

Regarding your last question p;3 no, not unless the hardware has changed.
I have only ever had to contact MS once. I have reinstalled windows many times and never had to contact Microsoft but I have been told there is a maximum number of reinstallations before you have to contact MS, I do not know if this is true because I've never come across it, the computers I have reinstalled XP on have perhaps had XP reinstalled 2 or 3 times, none have ever failed validation. For me anyway.

  birdface 23:35 28 May 2007

Hi,Maybe if you have the original XP Disc with the keycode on it,You may not have to phone Microsoft,Maybe someone will come back and let you know.

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