XP activation for new software?

  Newuser3068 18:54 23 Sep 2004

OK - I'm probably the last person in the world, but I'm about to buy a new computer and use Windows XP for the first time! (used ME up to now).
I've read a fair bit about the activation process relating to any hardware changes that I might make in the future, but I want to know about software.
After I've activated XP, if I then install new software on the computer do I have to re-activate Windows XP every time?
Another question - does Windows make you carry out the activation process again, every so often, even if nothing in your system has changed?
Thanks for advising an ignoramus.

  Newuser3068 15:39 24 Sep 2004

Thanks for your responses, however I'm getting mixed messages. VoG sounds unequivocal in saying that neither situation requires re-activation. However, Mankster - you sound as though you're saying yes to my questions, and adding a further re-activation scenario.
Please could you clarify for me?
Thanks again.

  Newuser3068 19:30 24 Sep 2004

Got it. Thanks to everyone.

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