XP activation for new software?

  Newuser3068 18:54 23 Sep 2004

OK - I'm probably the last person in the world, but I'm about to buy a new computer and use Windows XP for the first time! (used ME up to now).
I've read a fair bit about the activation process relating to any hardware changes that I might make in the future, but I want to know about software.
After I've activated XP, if I then install new software on the computer do I have to re-activate Windows XP every time?
Another question - does Windows make you carry out the activation process again, every so often, even if nothing in your system has changed?
Thanks for advising an ignoramus.

  VoG II 18:55 23 Sep 2004

No to both.

  Mankster 20:47 23 Sep 2004

And also if your system crashes and you need to re-install xp ,you also have to reactivate.But dont worry its painless.

  Newuser3068 15:39 24 Sep 2004

Thanks for your responses, however I'm getting mixed messages. VoG sounds unequivocal in saying that neither situation requires re-activation. However, Mankster - you sound as though you're saying yes to my questions, and adding a further re-activation scenario.
Please could you clarify for me?
Thanks again.

  SANTOS7 15:45 24 Sep 2004

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  SANTOS7 15:46 24 Sep 2004

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  Friday's Child 16:28 24 Sep 2004

You're not really getting different views on this.

VoG™ is telling you that you do not have to reactivate if you change your progams nor do you have to reactivate every so often.

Mankster is saying that if your computer crashes and you have to reinstall XP, XP thinks that it is being installed for the first time (the CD is the same as it was at the begining and so doesn't know any diferent) so it needs to be activated again but that that is a straightforward process.

  Newuser3068 19:30 24 Sep 2004

Got it. Thanks to everyone.

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