XP activation and Drive image 7

  dempoe 08:00 22 Sep 2003

Hi all
If i bought drive image 7 from powerquest, and did a complete backup of my system, would i then still have to activate XP if i reinstalled from the backup? I ask because i like to do a complete system reset every couple of months just to clear out the junk :), and how many times can XP home be reinstalled before you reach the max and have to ring microsoft for a new code ?


Arma :)

  -pops- 08:27 22 Sep 2003

No, you don't have to re-activate.

You must remember, though, that a DI image will only install into EXACTLY the same computer setup as the one it was made from. This means that you cnnot use the image for cloning into second, third and more machines.

There is normally no need to clear out your machine as frequently as you say you do. As long as you do regular housekeeping and keep junk to a minimum on a day to day basis, drastic steps such as you do are not necessary.

As far as re-activating XP is concerned, you have a number of opportunities via the website before you need to telephone them. Frequent re-activations by phone will arouse suspicion and you may get quizzed as to what necessitates this.

  -pops- 08:30 22 Sep 2003

To clarify a point about DI. Installing a DI image, as I said, must be to exactly the same setup as it was taken from. If you have made any hardware alterations, any at all, the image will not install properly.

  dempoe 08:36 22 Sep 2003

would this work if i had formatted my HD, as in can drive image be used when there is no OS ? from a floppy or CD ? My problem is i find it just as easy to start from scratch when things get bogged down from all the stuff the kids have added and if there are errors or any other types of problems as i keep backups of all the software i regularly use plus i gives me peace of mind knowing that the system is fresh, i know its overkill but i am like that :))) As long as i can do a complete fresh install from a DI image then i will go out and buy it :)

  DieSse 08:37 22 Sep 2003

Just to make one more point clear - you only have to re-activate WinXP if you make changes to your hardware configuration - and even then not for several minor changes.

  -pops- 08:46 22 Sep 2003

Provided all the hardware is the same as it was when the image was made, DI, especially the latest version (7) will restore to a disk with no O/S. I know, I did that very same thing a couple of weeks ago.

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