XP activation confusion

  leedsafc 18:19 09 Feb 2006

Old chestnut. Can anyone clear up the confusion regarding reactavation of Win XP.If i upgraded my PC eg: MB, CPU, ram memory would i be required to reactivate XP and if so could i use the same activation numbers given at the first install. I have searched the archives on this subject but i have yet to find a clear explanation.

  blanco 18:33 09 Feb 2006

If it is any reassurance I have upgraded my computer several times since I first had XP, so much so I think the only original component is now the floppy.
I have never had any problems, reactivation has been automatic each time.

  Chegs ®™ 19:27 09 Feb 2006

You can reactivate XP online upto 8 times within a few months,then you have to phone the MS Call-Centre and go thru the 40+ digit ID code and they issue the necessary ID code to activate.According to MS site,you can change a variety of hardware without needing to reactivate,but this is total rubbish as I hadn't changed ANY of the hardware,only OC'ed the CPU a tiny bit and had to go thru the reactivation via phone.Several others reported similar reactivation issues when changing nothing more than a SoundCard,HD,DVD-RW etc.Although reactivation is a relatively painless experience(depending on the call centre operatives command of the english language)it is a bit OTT of MS to expect me to reactivate the OS everytime I tweak a hardware setting. :-(

  leedsafc 19:31 09 Feb 2006

So I can't use the original activation code from the first activation of XP

  billyliv 19:35 09 Feb 2006

You activate with the operating system product key. Cheers, Bill

  leedsafc 19:36 09 Feb 2006

So I can't use the original activation code from the first activation of XP

  leedsafc 19:37 09 Feb 2006

Sorry Bill posted twice

  leedsafc 20:20 09 Feb 2006

OK scenario B. Some recommend periodically to clean the system and reinstall Windows this means you will have to activate windows again. But could i use the same activation code from the original OS product key or will i have to contact MS?

  Simsy 20:29 09 Feb 2006

different hardware will require a new activation code to that used initially. The activation code is a number that is generated by a combination of the hardware components, and possibly, where available, serial numbers of the components.

Also, because of the "30 days without activation" capability of a fresh install, is is possible that the date of installation is somehow incorporated into the activation code number that is generated at first install. Because of this I suspect that the answer to your question is "No, you can't use the activation code you used originally, you'll have to get a new one." However, getting a new one, as I understand it from previous posts, shouldn't be a problem.

As usual, I'm open to correction on any and all of this!!

Good luck,



  leedsafc 20:53 09 Feb 2006

Thanks Simpsy I sort of thought that would be the case. I just hoped i wasn't appearing stupid.
However it still seems confusing and a bit of a minefield. It would be unthinkable to believe that MS would try to prise more money from us. Would it?

  Mytob 22:46 09 Feb 2006

technicaly if you replace your mobo and cpu or a certain proportion of your pc its a new pc and such you have to buy a new licence as that licence was for the old pc. the licence goes where the pc comonents go so technicaly a new licens is required as its a "NEW" pc in there eyes atleasy. M$ are renound for screwing the public for every last penney there worth. the licence fee is a insult considering i can go and dl any version of linux or bsd from the net for nothing and what you get with them is amazing compared to windows!

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