xp activation ?

  alan2k1 12:02 15 Feb 2003

if i legally purchase a 2nd hand xp disc liecence and activation code, what happens if the seller is still using it on his system, will i still be able to register or ?



  tran1 12:12 15 Feb 2003

This would still be illegal becuase the other user is still using the operating system. You installing it on your drive would mean there are 2 of the same copies.

I not sure whether you will be able to activate it becuase windows produces a Computer ID number and according to your configuration, the Number won't match the one the other user registered.

whenever you activate, you give Microsoft the id number. If you register now, Microsft will see two different ID (2 different computers) and won't give you an activation number.

I'm not too sure about this, I'm just saying what I think. Hopefully someone can confirm this.

  alan2k1 12:15 15 Feb 2003

so can you legally buy xp once it has been activated ?

  tran1 12:19 15 Feb 2003


  Sir Radfordin™ 12:20 15 Feb 2003

If its 120 days after the first registration their won't be a problem. Other than that you would have to convince M$ that you were entitled to activate it.

  Paul2003 12:24 15 Feb 2003

Its probably best not to purchase XP second hand as MS might not let you reactivate it.

It is perfectly legal to buy XP second hand as long as the seller has removed that copy of XP from there system.

The best way to pick XP up on the cheep is to buy an full OEM version for about the £70 mark when you next buy hardware.


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  alan2k1 12:24 15 Feb 2003

i am still concered about the original owner still using it, even after 120 days

  « Ravin » 13:12 15 Feb 2003

it will not activate when you install it on a 2nd pc. instead you'll be prompted to call up microsoft. once you do this you have to explain to them that you've installed it on a new computer. and if you can convince them that you've wiped it off the original computer they'll give you a new activation code and you'll be ok from there.

  alan2k1 13:46 15 Feb 2003

hi all many thanks your time is appreciated

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