XP acting strangely

  butterfly41 20:03 21 Jul 2007

The icons on my desktop keep rearranging themselves - the side picture task bar in my pictures has disappeared - automatic connection to the internet has gone. I HAVE thought about going to a restore point, but I have just downloaded some pics from my camera and deleted them from the camera and I`m afraid I might lose them if I go to a restore point. Please keep in mind that I`m rather old and slow!!!!!

  Joe R 20:06 21 Jul 2007


going back to a system restore point, will not delete any photographs.

  butterfly41 20:12 21 Jul 2007

Will going back to a system restore point delete any new games I have installed since the last restore point??

  Joe R 20:17 21 Jul 2007

yes it will affect any programs installed after the restore date, but there are folders for the game, that can be backed up to save settings.

  woodchip 20:37 21 Jul 2007

Reinstall the games. Also the Games may just Be what as done it. And created the problem, by changing system settings

  butterfly41 08:36 23 Jul 2007

Thank you for your replies. The games I installed were downloaded from the internet and I don`t know how to back them up or re-install. Again, please keep in mind that I REALLY don`t know what I`m doing!!!!!

  Technotiger 08:47 23 Jul 2007

What are the games involved - we may be able to give you easy directions to re-download them.

  Probabilitydrive 08:52 23 Jul 2007

If you downloaded executables files;(the ones you click on and than go through an installation process) explanation: click here, you can save these on an USP stick or external hard drive (if you have one).

Otherwise, woodchips posting as to why your system is experiencing the problems is the likely cause. the games you downloaded might have contained nasties.

You can get rid of spy ware by using a system restore.
Make sure you have adequate security programs in place before downloading them again.
click here
click here
click here

  [email protected] 09:15 23 Jul 2007

I think your best bet, given your self implied expertise, is to get someone to sit with you to help resolve your problem.
It could well be you have unknowingly downloaded some Malware and if this is the case then it's removal is your first priority.
As said earlier, you will not lose files or contents by doing a system restore. You will lose any programs installed After the date you restore from.
I don't think you have a serious problem - just a change of "scenery" which came unexpectedly for some reason.
As your PC is working, I would run some anti malware programs before I did anything else. There are several good freebies around:
click here
click here
to name a couple.
Once that's done you must decide how you want to "get back to normal" ;-)
You can do it relatively easily using system restore but you must decide the importance of losing your downloaded games (are they payware or were they free).
The only other way is to dig deeper into your settings and configurations BUT I don't think you should consider this at this stage.
If your downloaded games arrived on your PC as an ".exe" file, to re-install them is just a matter of running the install file again. If you know where the file was downloaded to, could be your Desktop, My Documents, Program Files, C:\ or somewhere else where you specified, they should be safe.
If the files were installed from the source then it's likely they will be spread about a bit and not just in a single Program File. This means backing them up individually will be difficult.
Have a good think about what you going to do and make a note of exactly what you do and the result. As a newbie, and I mean no offence, you will likely need this information to fall back on - either for yourself or someone who comes to help you.
If you decide to do something but you are uncertain and you want a confidence check before doing so, shout again on this forum and someone will help you.
Often, small problems are made worse by well meaning inexperience, so take your time :-)

  butterfly41 09:21 23 Jul 2007

You are all so nice. I will do as wotbus says and go away and have a think. The likelyhood of someone sitting with me to talk me through it is very slim as I live in the mountains in Spain without any neighbours who speak English!!!!

  Koochy 10:37 23 Jul 2007

If you offer free flights and accommodation I'm sure there will be quite a few of the forum members who would be willing to come and help you.


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