XP acting up....=:0(

  M4ND0 07:51 30 Oct 2003

Ok, I'm loosing it!!

XP Home will load very slow and when loaded Guest account will funtion as per normal but my accout will not.

when log on my accout the darn thing will not guive me any Icons or task bar...?

so, I then do the (Ctrl + Alt + Del) to be able to close down or access the control pannel.

What is going on...?

Aaaaaagrrrrrrr! any one had this happening before?

  JIM 08:54 30 Oct 2003

not much to go on,could be anything.Check for virus, trojan, spyware,etc. Then you could try sfc /scannow from the run command. (have win xp/cd handy)

Also if "no virus or trojans" try a system restore.(should be disabled if you have virus etc.(if trying to fix if any)

If above fails suggest you create another account before you delete your original account.

Copy your favourites folder for IE info (If required) for to place in new account,then delete your original account.

Your new created account and all the setting will be as standard and you may have to input some software product ID Serial numbers when you first startup for some programs(depending on what you have )

  wizzy 09:24 30 Oct 2003

My XP system acts up to. When it dose something like this all I do is CTRL + ALT + DEL to get to the task manager and then click new task. Enter C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.exe (replacing WINDOWS with WINNT on some XP setups) and clicking enter. Then it should all spring back to life.

Does the main Administrator account work okay?

  M4ND0 11:51 30 Oct 2003

Thanks guys (JIM, wizzy and GoldenEagle)I will give it a go. and keep you posted.

Thanks M4ND0

  M4ND0 11:54 30 Oct 2003

to answer your question GoldenEagle no it does the same as my account it is only the Guest Account that works normaly. weird...huh?!

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