XP 5 mins to start Have read most of other threads

  Agent Smith 09:39 23 Nov 2004

Hi all, Firstly apologies for asking, I know this has been addressed so many times before.
Win XP Home/ Athlon XP3200+. 512 DDR RAM. Asus A7V600 MOBO. Western Digital WD800JB 80igi 7200rpm HDD

The problem started a few days ago, I installed a new Canon fax/scanner/laser I had to disable ZA & AVG for installation and forgot to reinstate them before going back online. Had a couple of Trojans and managed to get rid of them via online scan with Panda. System was by now taking 5 mins to boot up.

Did a clean install of XP, took me ages as the PC would not or could not find C: eventually got it on. System seemed ok and stable. Started to load programmes AVG SPYBOT ZA etc nothing big. After a while I left clicked A: and PC took forever to produce context menu and slow start again. Reformat AOK for a while until new printer installation again. Tried different HDD OK for a while, 1.5 days until I install TV card then 5 min start up again. Sorry it's long winded but HELP....

  Diodorus Siculus 10:12 23 Nov 2004

Have you tried the system file checker



sfc /scannow

  Agent Smith 11:26 23 Nov 2004

Hi Diodorus and thanks but no joy. I ran it as you suggested and it asked for my XP Disc about 20 times or more, with which I complied. Also booted up with limited start up in msconfig and still it takes the same 5 mins.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:11 23 Nov 2004

click here
try this - disable anything that is not necessary.

It sounds like a conflict between two progrmas, or a program waiting for something...

Try also the startup control panel from MikeLin click here

  Djohn 12:17 23 Nov 2004

Can you please shut down your PC by the normal method of "Start/Shut down" and time how long it takes to close? [Don't use the button on the tower unit]

There will be two messages on screen after pressing the shutdown button Icon.

1) windows is saving your settings.

2) windows is shutting down.

The first message should only be on screen for about 5 seconds or so depending on how many programs/applications you have open.

The second message should also be on screen for no more than 10 seconds and more like 5-6 seconds. If its hanging at the second message, please post back and let us know.

  Agent Smith 12:19 23 Nov 2004

I'm on another PC at the moment and was wondering whether or not this may be related to me installing AVG 7 at around the same time. I read a thread that seems to affiliate problems with AVG 7, I've used AVG 6 since I found out about it here yonks ago.

I'm writing zeros to my WD HDD at present and it's out of commission for about 7 hours.

When I ran msconfigI only had a couple of progs running.

  Agent Smith 12:30 23 Nov 2004

DJohn, I'll let you know later

  Djohn 12:32 23 Nov 2004

Check it when you can. If its the latter then it may be the "Wait to kill srvice" that is causing the problem. Normally this is set at 2000 but quite often you will see it at 20000! 200 is more than enough and works fine for me and many others who have tried it. Instructions below for those who need it. j.


Start/run and "TYPE"


From here on be very careful not to make any changes unless you feel sure of what you are doing.

Look in the left-hand pane of the two panes on show. Click on all the "-" sign's to collapse your folder tree back as far as it will go.

Now all that should be showing is "My Computer" Icon with a + sign to the left of it.

Click on the + sign

Scroll down to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
Click on the + sign to expand that folder.

Scroll down to the SYSTEM folder and click on the + sign to expand.

Scroll down to the "Current control set" and click on the + sign to expand.

Scroll down to the "Control" folder and click on the folder itself.

Now look to the right-hand pane of the window and you will see.

"Wait to kill service" Icon.

Right click on that Icon, from the drop-down menu choose.


Left click on "Modify" and dialogue box will open with the figure 2000 or even 20000 inside it. Reduce this to 200 by left clicking to the right of the last zero then backspace to delete one of the zero's or highlight the whole number and change to 200.

Click on OK and back your way out of the registry saving as you go.

It's easier than it sounds, but take your time and go through it slowly and you will be OK. If at any time you feel unsure just back out without making any changes.

Remember to collapse your folder tree as I mentioned above then you can start right at the beginning and follow through.
Good luck j.

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