XP 2010 virus removal

  lodger 10:09 18 Apr 2010

I'm just about to format my hd and reinstall the OS , i did that on one of my kids laptops last year, and though a lot of work, it certainly worked!, but now my own pc is infected, totally different location , avg cant see it, microsoft so called malicious software removal tool cant see it...one thing is though, if u right click and choose 'open' or 'run' , INSTEAD OF DOUBLE CLICKING u can still get programmes to open.....before i go back to a clean registry, does anyone know of any easier but fool proof way to be rid of this pesky xp 2010 scam?? so many on here seemed to have tried without success so many various remedies ..............so, to format or not to format?

  lister_infiji 10:28 18 Apr 2010

Well to be honest I don't know if you are talking about the same infection I am thinking of or not (it's title bar read 'XP 2010 Antimalware'), but I had to remove this for a client at work last week and the following article proved successful:

click here

The important part was the registry change as I'd already tried Malwarebytes but it would not install before editing the registry.

Boot into safe mode with networking. Install Malwarebytes and run it in safe mode.Remove everything it finds.


Press F8 during boot up

  Sea Urchin 11:16 18 Apr 2010

Or try this

click here

  Sea Urchin 11:17 18 Apr 2010

Note: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware uses Inno Setup (click here) instead of the Windows Installer Service to install the program. MBAM is designed to be at full power when running in normal mode and loses some effectiveness for detection & removal when used in safe mode. For optimal removal, normal mode is recommended so it does not limit the abilities of MBAM. Therefore, after completing a scan it is recommended to uninstall MBAM, then reinstall it in normal mode and perform another Quick Scan.

  lister_infiji 11:20 18 Apr 2010

*grins* IT ADVISOR I'm guessing he might not quite have the same infection I mentioned, but that one was a good one. Couldn't install Malwarebytes in safe mode either with that. Terminate it's process, but as soon as you attempt to launch any .exe file, it would launch the rogue program instead, which was due to the registry setting it had changed.


  Taff™ 14:18 18 Apr 2010

First of all disconnect from the internet - switch off wireless and unplug any other internet connection cables. Boot normally and as soon as your desktop starts to appear press CTRL+Alt+Del to get Task Manager working at the earliest opportunity. On the Processes Tab arrange the processes by Mem Usage by clicking on the column title of the same name. Look for the rogue program appearing near the top of the list and select it then "End Process" button.

You have very little time to do this so you might have to make a few attempts to stop it running. As soon as you get to a stable desktop try running Malwarebytes. If you don`t already have it installed on the computer load it from a USB memory stick.

If in doubt about which process the rogue program is just post back the top half dozen that are running when it first pops up.

  lodger 14:35 18 Apr 2010

virus is not called as mentioned above, but it does have xp 2010 removal in title...wish i could enjoy this...so far ive tried avg scans, a system restore, and c cleaner reg cleaner, and zone alarm has been disabled..the reg is really screwd up...ok will try that fancy malbytes in safe mode, it it doesnt work, then its zap time...........will report before the end of the year

  Ashrich 14:57 18 Apr 2010

Download and run rkill first click here , this will terminate the malwares popups , then run either SUPERAntispyware or Malwarebytes


  lodger 16:14 18 Apr 2010

using my trusty old free LinuxOS on an old PC (a 2nd cheap old pc recon recommended), i saved malabytes to a memory stick and ran it on the xp computer, first full scan found 12 infections,deleted all, but still a slight sign of double click not working as normal, so, ran a second scan, a quick one this time, and hey bingo, 2 more found and deleted ! now everything worked again as normal, desktop loaded as before, old lodger is back in control.........ran a final full scan nil found. all ok.......look, if any of you guys should ever find yourselves sittin under a tree , just waitin for the noose to tighten, dont worry, i will personally ride by and shoot the rope :).......

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