xp on 2 drives .... legal or not?

  pete-290318 00:28 16 Feb 2005

I have a second hard drive on my pc onto which I save any data, downloads and anything remotely important so that in the event of a re-format of the "c" drive I have everything saved to transfer back.

Even though I am administrator, my stepson who is a wizard on a pc at 7 years old is set as a limited user but he can access this drive from his account "my computer" and access the files on it.

Now, to a 7 year old, programs like " spybot" and any with "blaster" in the title look like games and being 7 he likes to have a look so I've bought a hard drive caddy so that I can remove this drive when not needed.

The chap in the shop made a suggestion that I put an operating system on the drive so that when I went on the pc I could boot from this drive and just have my stuff on it and no other users would alter or use anything of mine.

Good point I thought, but after a while realized that I would have to purhase another xp license... or would I.

Being honest and against software copying and piracy I wondered as only 1 drive on 1 pc would be used at any 1 time and using all the same hardware apart from the hard drive, In effect just like replacing the drive.Would this be illegal if I used my existing xp cd ?
your coments would be welcomed.

  EdFrench 00:56 16 Feb 2005

As far as I interpret it, the licence states per user or per machine. Not per instance.
Pretty clear to me.

  pete-290318 01:01 16 Feb 2005

sorry .... only meant it as a light hearted twist on the obvious...

  THE TERMINATOR 01:02 16 Feb 2005

You have the software, I don't think there is anything from stopping you from installing it twice on your own system, on 2 different drives or the same one. I have installed it on the same drive 5 times when upgrading....TT

  pete-290318 01:02 16 Feb 2005

sorry ... only meant as a light hearted twist of the obvious... to get members comments

  ve3ofa 07:55 16 Feb 2005

There are various ways around this..

First prerequsisite: 2nd drive with confidential information must be ntfs if fat32 you can use the convert utility to convert it to ntfs.

Log on as an adminstrator then in explorer to to tools | folder options | view and uncheck 'simple file sharing' located near the bottom.

Right click on the folder/drive/file you wish to restrict access. You will see a security tab. Click on the user that you want to restrict access FROM and uncheck the applicable boxes..

This is less restrictive and easier to recover from than encrypting the files using the encryption options that are available.

remember to allow syatem and administrator to access the folder or you will have problems (easily repaired by enabling the checkboxesa)

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