john1000 19:14 19 Dec 2004

hi all my mates hard drive has packed up so he has bought a new one the problem is he has lost his xp disk he got with the computer the key is still stamped on the back of the tower would microsoft replace the disk or will he have to buy a new copy thanks

  THE TERMINATOR 19:33 19 Dec 2004

was xp installed when he got the pc? If so then I would think that the only other place, he may have a copy will be on his old hard drive but if that one has packed up, then his only solution is to get in touch with Microsoft or buy a new disk. Any other way would be copyright infringement....TT

  ACOLYTE 19:34 19 Dec 2004

The firm he got PC from may replace it,dont think micrsoft would,they may offer to sell you a new disk,as it may be the disk he had was a resore disk not a full copy of xp.

  THE TERMINATOR 19:36 19 Dec 2004

Sorry didn't read your thread properly. Yes your friend could get a copy from Microsoft but he wouldn't get it free....TT

  bremner 19:38 19 Dec 2004

If the number is on a label on the PC then it is an OEM copy which means it is tied to that machine.

Contacting MS would be a waste of time - its a new copy.

  john1000 19:43 19 Dec 2004

thanks for your help it is oem i will tell him to contact the suppier if they wont then it looks like a new disk

  R4 20:21 19 Dec 2004

You can obtain an OEM or a Full installation disk from ebay at quite a reasonable price.

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