alan 2273 10:16 07 Sep 2003

Ihave just built a computer - As rock MB - 2000xp processer 256 ddr crucial 266 ram 40gb Hd. I installed Xp Home on it ( it is the upgrade version) I then registered it and no problems. When I switched it on the next day it asked me if I wanted to continue the instillation or go straight into xp, this seems to have no effect on the way it runs but it is a nuisance to have to select at the start instead of going straight to the welcome screen. Can anyone tell me how to get round this problem.
Thanks Alan

  alan 2273 10:31 07 Sep 2003

Yes It did the reinstall again then asked me to register it again which i did and still the same problem, as i said before it is more of an annoyance than a problem but it would be nice to find an answer to it

  alan 2273 14:59 07 Sep 2003

It was an upgrade disc but you can do a complete install with it all it asks you for is the 98 disc to verify that you have one, other than that it is the same as doing a full install.

  alan 2273 15:17 20 Sep 2003


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