xodo pdf files not printing

  conrail 09:56 26 Oct 2018

Hi guys, hope I have the right forum, not sure if I should be posting here of in Windows forum, I am using windows 10 home, open office, a cannon iP7200 series printer and Xodo pdf program, printing wirelessly is not a problem but recently I find that I cannot print PDF files and I have a number of files, each about 6 pages long, I need to print out for a local group, I haven't printed PDF files for a while but I am sure I could do it before, can somebody please help and advise me as copy and paste into open office is hard work, I have to reformat each paragraph so all help and advice appreciated

  lotvic 17:40 26 Oct 2018

Is this click here how you are trying to print from xodo? Which part fails?

  conrail 18:50 26 Oct 2018

Thanks lotvic I have been trying your method and also ctrl P, I get the printer icon on the taskbar but nothing happens also the printer icon when hovering over it shows 0 document(s) pending, googling before posting here advises using the charms bar but I don't have the charms bar

  wee eddie 18:55 26 Oct 2018

The Icon on the Desktop is a just a Shortcut. Click on it and see what happens

  lotvic 20:25 26 Oct 2018

Did you try Method 2:

  1. While viewing a document, With a mouse, right-click anywhere on the document.
  2. Select More (at top right the 3 dots ...)
  3. Select Print.
  conrail 21:41 26 Oct 2018

thanks wee eddie, nothing happens, thanks again lotvic, I did try method 2 and again nothing, the strangest thing is the document I am trying to print is 4 pages, the group I belong to meets for lunch once a month and I have the menu on my pc in PDF format, I tried to print that and it has printed, this is only one page but trying the 4 page document wont print at all, I was wondering if a different pdf format will print, I am downloading adobe acrobat to see if that will print the document

  conrail 21:51 26 Oct 2018

hi guys, document has printed using adobe reader so it must be a problem with Xodo but no idea on why it printed the one page document

  lotvic 10:28 27 Oct 2018

Very strange :) but at least you've now got a print-out.

  conrail 15:24 27 Oct 2018

yes, very strange, so thank you lotvic and wee eddie for your help and advice, I appreciate it

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