XMP Option not showing up in BIOS Settings

  S Aditya 08:20 30 Jul 2018

Recently, I tested my Desktop PC on userbenchmarks.com wherein it told me that my RAM was performing poorly. When I checked CPU-Z for DRAM Frequency it showed up to be just a 1000MHz, although it is a 2133MHz RAM. To solve this issue, userbenchmarks advised enabling XMP profile in the BIOS.

When I opened up the BIOS and went to enable the XMP, (according to the steps given in the manual to enable XMP) I found that there were no such settings. I checked all the tabs in BIOS but was unable to find any XMP option. I checked if my BIOS was updated to the latest version which it was.

I own an MSI B-150 PCMate Motherboard update to the latest BIOS/

This is my CPU-Z report and my complete system INFO click here help.

I have tried resetting the BIOS but still not able to solve the issue.


  Flat Earther 14:53 30 Jul 2018

1066Mhz is the correct frequency, it's data rate is double that = 2133Mhz

2133Mhz is the standard for DDR4, XMP only applies to RAM rated 2400Mhz+

  Flat Earther 16:04 30 Jul 2018

Looking at the CPU-Z report, you have the RAM in a single channel, DIMMs 1 & 2 (0 & 1 in the report) both Channel A

The manual suggests you should use DIMMs 2 & 4 which will utilise both Channels.

Probably won't make much difference, but it is recommended.

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