Is XML the same as XHTML?

  sunny staines 20:06 18 Aug 2005

I am reading a beginners book on how to create a web page/site and I am lost in the first chaper.

Is XML and XHTML the same thing?

[reading"absolute beginners guide to creating web pages]

any comment on this book, got it out of the local library

  Taran 20:49 18 Aug 2005

Try this link instead of that book: click here

It has all you will need to give an overview of almost every web language you might be interested in. It's also a lot simpler to get your head around than most books.

A very brief answer is that no, XML and XHTML are not the same thing at all. XHTML shares a lot of common ground with XML, but they are two separate things.

I'm cringing a bit at that explanation since there is so much involved to properly differentiate between XML and XHTML, but it will do for now to confirm that they aren't the same thing.


  sunny staines 16:07 19 Aug 2005

which HTML should I choose to get started XHTML or XML. I think the new MS Office next year will be all .xml instead of .exe & .doc

  Taran 18:16 19 Aug 2005

For standard pages go with HTML 4.01 or XHTML combined with CSS for page formatting.

XHTML Transitional has some advantages over XHTML Strict in certain circumstances, although it's also fair to say the reverse is true, which again would depend on circumstances. It would take an age to explain the why and when of it all.

Web browser support is currently stronger for HTML 4.01 than it is for XHTML, but this is not something that the browser software companies make a big thing of - in fact, all mainstream web browsers claim to support XHTML in full when, in fact, they don't.

XML is the absolute business in many respects, and a pain to learn in others. For overall flexibility and future possibilities have a crack at XML, but I'd spend some time learning HTML and/or XHTML first, otherwise XML will seem like alphabetti spaghetti and you won't know which way is up.

At least HTML and XHTML in particular will give you a basic grounding in web presentation tags and how they work, which is an excellent springboard to work from when trying XML for the first time.

Put it like this: HTML and XHTML will allow you to design pages and link into databases and present your site to the world. XML will too, with an infinite number of additional possibilities. Learning the one will help you learn the other, but learning XML first might be like jumping into the pool before learning how to swim. Some people manage it, but some don't.


  sunny staines 19:57 19 Aug 2005

thanks for the advice & the tip on the excellent web site

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