Xmas Games

  Jai 11:11 28 Dec 2004

Similar problem to Jim H really. Except I put my daughters Harry Potter CD in, installation bar starts then a box pops up saying critical error & thats the end of that. My Dad has installed it on his computer but it wont run as it cant find a file. My puter is well in advance of the game specs, but for the record - Xp Pro, Athlon 2000,
256ram, ATI 9200 128 ram (I think),DVD 6x rom.
Is there a games forum about to start I wonder???

  AragornUK 11:17 28 Dec 2004

My Dad's trying to get more invovlved in his PC, so I got him a typing tutor program for Christmas. Installs OK, but when you try to run the program, the PC just restarts........

No help to you Jai, but it appears someone in software land is taking full advantage of the "we'll sell it but it doesn't have to work" philosophy that exists in PC Software. Imagine buying a car and being told - "Thank you for buying this car. We sell this car on the understanding that it may, or may not, actually get you to work. Any problems are nothing to do with us - tough".

  spuds 12:14 28 Dec 2004

Have you tried installing through the XP compatibility mode or install/remove!.

  Jai 12:32 28 Dec 2004

Not tried that option Spuds. Will do when I receive the game back. I assume that this "should" be an option at installation from the CD itself?

  AragornUK 12:35 28 Dec 2004

Is there any more info given on the Critical Error?

To do the above, you'd probably need to browse the CD, locate the setup.exe file and right click it and select 'properties'. Choose the Compatability tab and choose an OS from the list. The compatabilty feature in XP isn't very relaible, but worth a shot.

  spuds 12:37 28 Dec 2004

Jai-- I find that this option 'sometimes' works.At least it is another couple of routes before the final rejection and possible returns possibility, plus a pending systems check.

  gudgulf 13:02 28 Dec 2004

Just a thought.....check that the cd is not damaged or dirty.All the Harry Potter games will play under Windows XP and SP2 just fine.It may also be a good idea to get rid of any temporary files before trying to reinstall.Use CrapCleaner click here to do this.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:14 28 Dec 2004

Sounds like your DVD is not reading the disk very well. Clean the disk and clean the platyer with a CD lens cleaner.

Option 2 Copy the disk on your dads machine and install from the copy

  Jai 13:46 28 Dec 2004

AragornUK - the "critical error" is the only message, thats what is annoying, there is no other report. I tried to install avoiding the autorun & going direct to the setup folder but still the same Im afraid. Forgot to mention that I still have not gone to SP2 but use SP1. Thanks for other replies will try the tips. If any others or any one knows a forum, I will follow those.

  Jai 19:37 30 Dec 2004

My Dad returned the disk today but had no luck on his sytem. I tried in my system again just for the sake & guess what - installation no problem & runs like a dream. I have now 2 happy kids. What's this all about??? Computers don't you just luv em!!

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