XFX Geforce8500GT

  snorkel 20:51 14 Aug 2008

Been trying to install this card...box said it was easy.
System I'm trying to add it to>>
Mobo conroe1333-D667
Intel core2 duo e8400 processor
600w psu
widows XP sp3
Intel82945G Express Chipset
Up to date drivers for mobo + 8500gt
The manual says that when external vga card added onboard graphics are disabled.

Problems that I have are...

Have to manually disable graphics in system/device manager.system reboots but icons + mouse are 3x larger than before.unable to change resolution in display/settings,or with Nvidia tools

When rebooting with DVI cable attached get "No signal..check cable"
Just a thought do these cards have a separate power supply?

Thanks in advance
John K

  MAT ALAN 21:10 14 Aug 2008

If you have bought this card for gaming it is about as much use as a cardboard conker.
Depending on your budget and if it is possible to return the card you have, will determine an alternative card that would suite you better...

  snorkel 21:23 14 Aug 2008

Hi Mat,
yes understand that but gaming is not my thing ,just wanted something a little bit better than the onboard graphics

  MAT ALAN 21:25 14 Aug 2008

Glad to hear that!!

do these cards have a separate power supply?


Have you installed the drivers for the new card...

  citadel 21:28 14 Aug 2008

sounds like the driver for the card not working, have a look in device manager and see if use this device is ticked.
when I install a card I use the driver on the disc that comes with the card and update later if needed. it needs no extra power connector.

  snorkel 19:37 15 Aug 2008

Hi Mat,citadel,
yes installed drivers + when clicking on 8500Gt in device manager it says "Device is working properly.
What is the sequence for installing the new card?
disable onboard graphics first? then ?

  citadel 19:50 15 Aug 2008

as you said normally onboard graphics are auto disabled when a card is inseted in the slot. when you restart new hardware found wizard starts and asks for the driver and thats it.
you may need to look in the bios to see if there is disable onboard graphics option. it will be in the motherboard manual.

  snorkel 21:36 15 Aug 2008

had His as should be according to manual + new card switches it off.Afraid nothing worked.Uninstalled + reinstalled from scratch but nothing changed still both original problems are ongoing.Seems a bit strange...I think this is where PnP means plug and pray!!
Going to speak to supplier 2morrow.Many thanks for your help

  MAT ALAN 21:55 15 Aug 2008

Take the card out and re-seat it also take the cable off, check to see if any of the pins are bent, if the cable is fine and the card is reseated and you still get the same errors, i fear the card is a Duffer...

  snorkel 18:40 16 Aug 2008

Thanks again,no bent pins have contacted seller and I am returning card.Many thanks for your time.

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