XFX Geforce 250 GTS

  son-of-a-gun 13:58 10 Mar 2010

Hello Everyone

Could anyone help me please with a real dummy of a question.

I use an XFX Geforce 250 GTS 1GB Video card just like this one
click here

I contribute in a [email protected] team. Unfortunately I'm a smoker & know full well just how much crud ends up in my CPU H/S & PSU which I give a good manual clean out every three months or so using a selection of artists brushes, I'd like to do the same with the Video card & this is the real dummy part, for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the plastic casing off the Vid card. Grrrrrr

There appears nothing to un-screw or flip back etc.

Has anyone managed to get one of these cases apart please to access and clean the H/S?

Thank's very much for any help

  Terry Brown 14:13 10 Mar 2010

I thougt that 'cleaning' with a brush would not remove any amount of smoke 'dirt' (unless you are talking about ash).

If the video card is sealed, then the chances of contamination is small, however you could try a blast of Air (from an Aerosol)to blow away any dust etc.
Better still, when you need to smoke, move away from the computer.

  son-of-a-gun 14:29 10 Mar 2010

Hello and thank for your reply Terry Brown :)

Because I can't see inside the casing I don't feel at comfortable that a blast with a can of air is doing the business.

The artist brushes have served me well now for more years than I can remember :) I have utter and complete faith that the work is done when using them. :)

Lol, I'll give you move away from the computer, you sound like my wife Oops sorry. lol I know full well that I'm an old begger but I wouldn't have believed it was rocket science to remove these plastic covers, but I'll be damned if I can see how it comes off :( Cheers S O A G

  son-of-a-gun 21:17 10 Mar 2010

Can anyone help out please?

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