xfer Acrobat files to Excel

  newearwax 15:24 09 Aug 2004

I want to transfer the call details of my last mobile telephone bill that are in pdf to Excel so that I can analyse them. However Copy and paste results in a complete hash of the information and text to columns does not solve the problem. Can anyone help? Presntly I use Acrobaz Reader 5 and IE6.

  newearwax 09:54 14 Sep 2004

No suggestions?

  TomJerry 10:13 14 Sep 2004

Then you can go from there. There are many ways from doc to xls, one is to save doc file in txt and import it in Excel.

Convert Doc: click here. You can download free demo version, I tried before and think it is not too bad.

Scansoft PDF Converter click here, well know company, but costs too much.

  skeletal 11:32 14 Sep 2004

I can't remember back to Reader V5 but in V6 you can use a "text selection tool" to "cut and paste". However, it is possible to "lock" pdf files as they are made so that any attempt at such operation will result in jibberish. This may be what you are seeing.

I don't know if any "converter" tools would be able to break the Adobe security feature.

One, long winded, method I have used is to use the screen capture feature, edit the picture of the screen to just show the pdf, save, then use OCR software on the picture.

You may need to fiddle with the picture settings in your picture editor program for best results.

Like speech recognition only ever half working (IMHO), letters that are very clear to me are often incorrectly interpreted by OCR so you will have to do some editing...but this system does work!


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