XDA Orbit 1 set-up disc

  m800afc 03:34 01 Jun 2010

My XDA ORBIT 1 mobile phone has had a giddy fit and is not working correctly. Does anyone know where I may:
a. Obtain the setup discs that came with this model of phone?
b. Where may I download the contents of the discs in order to make my own?
c. Where may I download a copy of ActiveSync to put on my phone, to replace my corrupt version. The Microsoft site only has the version for a laptop or desktop, not a phone.

Naturally I have been in touch with O2, but the phone is no longer supported by O2, and they cannot/will not supply the discs. The Orbit 2 is supported, but my serial number is not validated, not surprising really.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated as I can only log in as "Guest" at the moment and I am unable to create a new "Partnership"

  m800afc 23:21 01 Jun 2010

Thanks for the advice. I did a hard reset, and re-imported my data from my backup.

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